Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland?

Do you know that Maybank are giving away free tickets to Legoland? I’m just aware of this contest earlier this week by the word of mouth from my friend. I was lucky that there are still a few more days left before the contest end.  A search of “Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland” on google today already reveals  41,500 results. But I do not want to let go of any chance of getting a ticket to this well known Legoland in Malaysia. Here is the reasons why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland:
Reason#1: Lego is my childhood friend
I used to have a big sets of Lego bricks when I was a kid. I love to create all sorts of building, vehicles or anything that I can think of with my young mind then.  I think Kenji inherit this from me. Though he is still way too young for Lego, he loves taking parts out and assemble them back. A visit to Legoland would certainly bring back a lot of sweet memories that I used to have. See how he assemble and play with his toy cars.
Reason#2: A reason to get out of Ipoh
To be frank, we hardly travel after Kenji boy has came into our lives. Wifey once said that our life is like a refugees whenever we travel. That is true especially when we need to bring along his potty, hammock, and all sort of stuff whenever we leave home. The further we have traveled is to Kampar, my hometown. But if we get the ticket from Maybank, this would be an excuse for us to travel up to johor. *wink wink*
Reason#3: Great bonding times with family
 Nothing beats the enjoyment of bonding together with the family. Though not travelling outstation, we always go to the park and have a walk together to harness the relationship. Legoland have a lot of parks and activities designed for families. We will definitely have a good time there.
Picture courtesy of Legoland Malaysia

 Reason#4: We are Maybank loyal customer
My first bank account is from Maybank, and the first ATM and debit card I have since few years back are from Maybank too. When I got married with my wife, and started financial planning, our first fixed deposit is with Maybank too. The reason behind is we have high confidence on Maybank and their good customer service.
To those who would like to participate, you still have another few days time. The contest will run until 30 Sept 2012. There are 11 prizes in total for this Contest;
a) 1 pair Grand Prize – Season Tickets to Legoland Malaysia and
b) 10 pairs of Day Passes to Legoland Malaysia.
For more information, please refer to this link.
I hope I can win, and bring Kenji boy to Legoland 🙂
Picture courtesy of Legoland Malaysia

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