Celebrating life

It has been 9 long months since my last posting in this space. Many things have changed in my life for the past few months that has taken the luxury of sitting down to write off my schedule. For the past few months, life has been revolving between catching tight timeline at work, and spending quality times with my family.

The real sleepless nights started in April, where I’m celebrating the arrival of my second born – a baby boy whom I named Isaac. Born through natural delivery, I felt the pain my wife is bearing, despite of the breathing exercise and pain relief gases she is relying on. I hope I could do more than just emotional support and diverting her attention from the pain. It was also my first time to see my own child being delivered right in front of my eyes. It was magical!

Isaac at 3 days

Isaac has a completely different nature than his brother. He is a loud crier – a very loud one. During Kenji times, my neighbor always came to me and asked, “Does your baby sleep all the time?”

Kenji hardly cries when he was a baby, but Isaac’s cries can be heard few houses away. And these piercing cries were the ones that are driving us to the walls. Sometimes, he just need to cry out even though diapers are clean and he is well fed. Doctors called them colicky, and some old folks called them ” 100 days crying”. Fortunately, Isaac’s colic did not made it to 100 days. The cries, especially the late night cries, start to diminish when he is entering his second month. A relief to both daddy and mummy!

My mum ever mentioned, ” Time flies when you are caring for a baby”. A very true statement indeed. My Isaac boy is celebrating his 4 month old today, and he has turned into a cutie pie, well loved by people around him.

He is having a mild fever tonight. Mummy just tucked him to bed. Hope my baby will be well and bouncy again by sunrise.

Isaac 4 mth


3 thoughts on “Celebrating life

  1. That’s good to see baby Issac. Hope he will get well soon.

    You will see huge different between the older and younger one. 100 days is what the old folks normally said but my little one was more than that…When you see the bad side, there is a bright side too. Her piercing cries lasted up to 8 months but I get to sleep soundly without night feeding.God always fair.

  2. Isaac’s so cute, lovely baby. Different babies, different characters. My girl used to cry till the roof came down!!! Was always hoping she would go on sleeping, so scared she would wake up and cry again!!! LOL!!!

    But nothing beats bringing up children – the best times of our lives. Hope your boy’s ok now – they get sick all the time, build up the anti-bodies, their immunity. And hope Kenji and missus and you too are all doing well. God bless.

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