A day to remember

I’m finally back to work. I was at Penang last weekend attending my brother wedding dinner (wife’s side). My parents will be staying at Kampar, preparing the necessary at the grooms’s side. As the eldest, me and my wife represent my parents to join the dinner at Penang. I was tasked to give my brother … More A day to remember

Memories of time

I was browsing through facebook this morning, and saw an update on my brother’s profile. He is my youngest brother and is getting married this coming¬†October. Being the youngest in the family, he is always the apple of my parent’s eye. He was showered with love and got all the love my parents can afford. … More Memories of time


My wifey has been a very romantic and neat person. So, I’m thinking of giving her a memorable wedding proposal. For the past one month, I have been figuring how to do my proposal. At the meantime, I always playfully told her that I’m not going to perform any wedding proposal to her, and we … More 09-09-2009