Kenji’s Birthday @ Aug 8

It has been a while since my last post. I was not procrastinating, but rather busy with my work now. Those who know me, I’ve been staying at Manila to keep an eye on my subcontractor factory here. This is a belated post for Kenji boy, but I’d still like to have this post in my blog as this blog is meant to document down all my boy’s progress.

Well, Kenji boy just celebrated his second birthday 3 weeks ago. Time flies. We thought we just celebrated his first birthday yesterday. Looking back, Kenji has grown a lot – taller and smarter in his own way. He knows how to converse with us, forming eloquence sentences in cantonese with his grandparents. His English vocabulary is improving as well, but still need practices.

We have been asking him what type of cake he would like for his birthday. He will gave a different answer every time we asked. Sometimes he will said car, and sometimes it would be balloon. Most of the time, it will be hovering between this two item. We decided to have “The Cars” themed cake for his birthday. My thoughts is he can still play with the toy cars after we have finish with the cake.

And on top of that, we went to Aeon the day before, and he got himself some balloons for his birthday. You can see how happy he is with his balloon. I bet he like the balloons more than the cake. I do not know why he is so obsessed with balloon. Every time we went to Aeon, he will keep asking for balloon. We had to go around to see which shops are giving away balloon to children, but luckily Aeon have free balloon to giveaway almost every weekend. That cheers my boy a lot!

This is also the first time he blew the candles. He could’t blew the candles when he was one year old, but now the candles are out in one blow. My little boy has really grown up. I wish him to be healthy, and continue to be cheeky, but not naughty. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Kenji’s Birthday @ Aug 8

  1. Oooooo…what a nice cake! Hey, your boy’s losing his puppy fat already – growing more and more handsome now. Good that you were around for his birthday, been travelling a lot, it seems, these days? Duty calls, eh? Happy birthday to your boy, God bless him and you all too.

  2. that’s a very nice and fun cake to celebrate with the lil boy. I have the feeling that my girl will request for a MINION cake this year..ahaha

    Happy Birthday to Kenji.

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