Of his potty preferences

Everyone of us have preference on something. It could be clothes, foods, hobbies but Kenji boy only prefer the conventional potty for his business. He is very particular on his favorite potty and would only pass motion on it. We was at Menglembu (MIL’s house) last week, and forgot to bring his potty back. Since we do not wish to travel back, we try to get by with the potty we have at the MIL’s house.

The potty we have in the house is the potty he used for his business when he is a baby (before 8 month’s old). We hope that he will use this for a couple of days before we head home. Everything is going well until his potty time. He sit on it, looked at us, stand up and start running away. He run and run without his pant, and I have to chase him and get him back on his potty. I put him onto the potty again, and again he refused and finally broken into tears. Haih…

The old potty he used when he was a baby

I was thinking to myself. He had been using this potty when he was a baby. Why couldn’t he use it just for a couple of days. I just let him be since both me and wifey can’t do much about it. I told wifey that we will go home to get his potty if he still refused to pass motion that day.

Evening came, and we get him on his potty after his meal again. And again, he ran away. We lost hope and decided to pack for home, when MIL suddenly came to us with his favorite potty. We were surprised, and found that that she is borrowing it from her neighbour who happened to use the same type of potty. Oh, we are so lucky!

His favorite potty

We quickly get Kenji boy onto his potty, and within a minute he sat down on it and voila, the job is done. Wifey and I could not really comprehend why he have to use this potty. If he do not get his potty during his business time, he would rather pass it on the diapers or pants rather than on an unknown potty.

We bought a new one for him last month as we think that he has outgrown the existing one. The new one is bigger in size, and looks like a stool for children. He can even rest his back on it. Unfortunately, whenever we put him onto this new potty, he will refused, and run away. We are running out of idea, and had to let him do what he want for the moment. The downside is we had to bring along his favorite potty whenever we go 😦

The new potty

10 thoughts on “Of his potty preferences

  1. As long as he does it regularly, anything will be good enough. My daughter had this phobia for doing it – she was scared of anything dirty and refused to do it, kept it all inside – so it got very very very hard and nothing we did could get it out. Had to take her to the hospital in the end… Tsk! Tsk!

  2. I trained my girl on the adult toilet bowl since young. At home, for her big business, she will still sit on her timy potty, but for small business, she will climb up the toilet bowl herself. So, when we go out, we don’t have to fuss on the toilet issue.. bad side, if she is on the toilet bowl for big business, then I got to stand there and ‘enjoy’ the ‘frangrant’..

    1. Haha…this is what inspire me about parenting. As a parent, we can sacrifice anything for the benefit of the child. take my wifey for an instance, she is a clean freak and would not touch on anything dirty. Now, she is cleaning Kenji boy bum bum after his big business everyday.

  3. 😦 some kids gets attached to their potties…mine was fussy too when he was a toddler. Absolute nightmare to potty train him.

  4. My kids are very attached to their favorite things too and still uses them till this day even though they are teenagers now….they can’t sleep without their little pillows and old blankets which they used as babies. 🙂

    1. Eh, not to mention your kids only. I have been sleeping with my old bolster i used to have until secondary school, until my mum decided that it was too smelly and throw it away.

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