Helmet diving and Parasailing at Boracay

With turquoise blue water and fine white sand, Boracay is a perfect getaway for honeymoon couple like us. From pure relaxing and sun bathing to rigorous water activities, the island has everything that every traveler are looking for. While a lot of foreigners were enjoying their morning sun bath at the beach, we walked around the beach barefoot to get a feel of the soft white sand. As we strolled down the beach for shopping, a lot of vendors were approaching us, trying to coax us to try out the activities they offer. We asked about the price and tried to exercise our haggling skill. Normally, they would give a higher discount to Filipinos. We tried to get a discount by ordering a few types of activities from the same vendor, just like bulk buy.

The first water activity that we tried is helmet diving. Some people called it underwater walking because it feels like walking under the sea with fishes swimming around you. Remember Ariel the mermaid? But you will walk instead of swim.  Whatever you called it, this is definitely an activity worth trying here. Helmet diving is done on floating platform at the opposite side of the white beach aka Bulabog beach. It is just around 10 minutes or less walking distance from station 2.

According to our local guide, these helmet weights around 20 kgs, but I just could not feel its weight underwater. Can you believe it?

And here are the oxygen tanks to supply the air through the helmet.

We were briefed on air equalization before our dive. It is the same concept as when you are travelling in an air plane. However, the atmosphere inside the plane were adjusted to suit our ears during landing and take off, thus a very minimum impact. Equalization is very important because the pressure under the sea is much more severe than what we are experiencing on the plane. Here I am, getting ready to go under the sea…

We were given a piece of bread each to feed the fish. But before the camera man able to take our photos, half of the bread is gone. Damsel fishes appeared out of no where and came in big group to bite the bread off our hand like crazy. It was a feeding frenzy.

This activity  is called reef walking, but it is near impossible to walk around. We’ve actually drifting around, rather than walking. And, we need to hold that helmet with one of hour hand, else it will be drifted away too. Darling and I got separated during the feeding frenzy, and oh my….it is so hard to get back to her. I had to jump on the reef like an astronaut to get back to her.

At a cost of P450, this is an activity you would not like to miss out at Boracay. There are helmet diving at Malaysia too, but the price is very much higher than this. And the best part is, the cost includes a CD that showcase the photos and videos taken under the water. That is certainly a good souvenir to bring back from this activity.

We had our lunch break and took a rest at the beach before proceed to parasailing. There is a pair of  Korean couples with us on the same boat. Out of courtesy, they offered us to take our ride first. But we politely declined, not because we do not want to go first, but we started to feel worried. Are we going to fall down?

We give it a go when it was our turn. We had paid P150o/head for this, so by all means, we have to get on that thing. And here we are….going UP!!!

And higher…

Awww…the island looks so small up here.

In a nutshell, this is one of the most awesome activity we ever did at Boracay. The scenery was breathtaking and the experience is both exhilarating and a bit adrenaline pumping. You feel like the entire sea and beach belongs to you as you sail along across the sea. It was romantic too, when the wind is blowing gently on us, and my wife resting her head on my shoulder as we watches the evening sun slowly make its way into the horizon.

I love Boracay so much for creating so much beautiful moments for both of us!

Till then..More of Boracay in the next post!

6 thoughts on “Helmet diving and Parasailing at Boracay

  1. Wow, what a wonderful experience! I would love to try parasailing too but I doubt I would have the courage when the real chance comes hehe. Boracay Island is really beautiful…so clean and unspoilt!

  2. Nice photo of you and your wife underwater while helmet diving! 🙂

    I’ve actually done the same in Boracay! I think we might even have gone to the same station – the setup looks the same and so does the helmets! There were two operating when I went there, one with white helmets and one with yellow. I went with the latter.

    I’ll love to do double parasailing with my better half too! That looks nice!

  3. I m waiting for my very first parasailing experience as promised by HB some day. Most of the times can’t do it because going to the beach is always with the children along. There is no way to leave them alone there.

    Glad to see that you and your wifey have such a wonderful and adventurous experience.

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