Guiding him

Once I read an article on parenting which mentioned: “If you do not teach your child to be good, you are teaching him otherwise”. Children are born innocent, just like a piece of white paper. They do not know what is right and what is wrong. It is us (parents) who should teach and guide … More Guiding him

Hypoglycemia attack

I got a call from wifey this morning that my dad had a hypoglycemia attack. In laymen terms, hypoglycemia  or low blood sugar is a medical condition where the level of sugar in the body drops too low to give the brain and other vital organs functions normally. It is common for patients with diabetes. … More Hypoglycemia attack

A daddy’s job

A daddy’s job is to……..finish what his child cannot finish. You might be laughing but this is true for me. Ever since Kenji arrived, wifey will hand over his leftover milk to me and ask me to finish it. And after he started to have solids, I have been eating his porridge, puree and biscuits. … More A daddy’s job

A day to remember

I’m finally back to work. I was at Penang last weekend attending my brother wedding dinner (wife’s side). My parents will be staying at Kampar, preparing the necessary at the grooms’s side. As the eldest, me and my wife represent my parents to join the dinner at Penang. I was tasked to give my brother … More A day to remember

Sneaking out…

Wifey and I manage to sneak out for some private times together last weekend while our boy is having his morning nap. He will usually took 2-3 hours nap, hence we will have sufficient time for our lunch. We bought some coupons from Groupon for a buffet lunch at Hokkaido, and we decided to make … More Sneaking out…

Of pneumococcal vaccination

We brought Kenji boy for pneumococcal vaccination last saturday. This vaccination is not available in government hospital, hence we went back to our pediatrician for the administration of the vaccination. To those who do not have an idea on pneumococal vaccination, it is a method of preventing a specific type of lung infection (pneumonia) that is caused by Pneumococcus bacterium. There … More Of pneumococcal vaccination