Of Paraw sailing, Puka beach and Boracay garden

Paraw means sail boat in Tagalog, but it has double outrigger to accommodate passengers at both side. If you want to find a romantic way to view the sunset at Boracay with your loved ones, paraw sailing is your best bet. Watching the sun setting in the middle of the sea is just as amazing as watching the golden sun setting from the sky.

No matter how good is your swimming skills, life jackets is a must in a paraw. There are 2 person operating the paraw – a captain and a balancer. Captain will be sitting at head of the boat maneuvering the boat through the waves. The balancer will be on the outrigger, trying to balance the entire boat. We, the passengers will be sitting (or lying) on the outriggers, to enjoy the sea and the sunset.

It was a perfect evening with calm waves. As the paraw break its way through the waves, the warm sea water splashed onto our bare feet, bringing us back to the embrace of mother nature. We did not strike any conversation. All I heard was the sound of the waves and chirping of some faraway birds. Darling moves closer to me and lie down on my chest as we enjoy the warm ocean breeze sweeping towards our tired body. I will never forget this moment.

We went to Puka beach the next morning. Puka beach is an entirely different beach from the white beach. While white beach has the finest white sand on the island, Puka beach is a shell beach. Be careful if you wish to go barefoot here!

One thing I love about this beach is its seclusion. Puka beach is around 15-20 minutes away from the white beach by a tricycle, and it is not as crowded as white beach. At some parts of the beach, I feel like the entire beach belongs to both of us. Behind us is the famous snorkeling spot – crocodile island. Does it look like a crocodile to you?

My beautiful darling enjoying the clear blue water of Puka beach.

If you want some quiet time together, Puka beach is a place to be. We walked along the beach for some time, while enjoying the morning ocean breeze, but eventually we has to get back to our hotel as the sun is getting too hot.

We checked out from Red Coconut after we come back from Puka Beach, and checked in at Boracay Garden resort. Darling loves this resort to bits that she told me that she want to spend all her time in the resort and do not want to go back to the beach anymore. We did spend most of our time swimming and sun bathing on the resort.

And darling got to show off her beautiful bikini (swim wear) bought along the white beach. Isn’t she beautiful? If you loves swim wear and beautiful dresses, Zalora Malaysia’s online shopping site offers a huge variety of swim wears and dresses too.

This is such a wonderful resort that we spent most of the time inside relaxing. Life is certainly full of bliss at Boracay.

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