Potty training continues

My little boy was trained to pass motion when he was 1 year old. My wife tell him to say “ng ng” (pass motion) when he feel it is time to go. He is doing it very well, and was trained in practically a week. He has been an obedient boy when it came to potty training. Initially, he could not estimate when he need to let go, and more often than not, we are ended up with the mess as he already pass his motion by the time we got the potty.

As time goes by, he start to feel that the diaper he is wearing is a burden to him, especially when my wife is putting more layering of inserts into his diaper when he is sleeping. Pointing to his diaper, he would told darling, “Big big diaper”. During our last Penang trip, we got him a book on Dora’s potty adventure. This is a good book for children to learn about the need of control and the fun of potty training. The book came with a sound button, for children like Kenji to press on, when they want to hear the flushing water sound. Kenji was thrilled with that button, and will keep on requesting darling to let him “flush”.

This is more or less on how we started to talk to him about the importance of telling us when he want to urinate. On one fine day, he started to tell us that he wanted to “she she” (pee), but by the time we get him the diaper, he has urinated in his diapers. In potty training, patience is a virtue and also a key to success. We know that he is trying hard as well as he do not wish to wet the floor. I love it when he told me,” papa, wet wet” and “papa wipe” with his finger pointing on the wet floor.

We go through this for a couple of week, and it is done. My boy will tell us when he need to urinate now. Kenji boy has gone through another phase of his toddlerhood. In my humble opinion, potty training requires a lot of patience. Once, I saw a dad beating up his toddler for peeing in his pants. I really feel sorry for that boy. I bet he do not wish to wet his pants as well, but he just do not know how to express his feeling to his dad.  Sometimes, we really do not need to rush at all. Every child is growing up on their own pace. We, as parents, are there to guide and learn together with them. 🙂

This is what Kenji boy doing with his potty now!

6 thoughts on “Potty training continues

  1. Muahahahahahaha!!!! So cute, your son!!!! My daughter had a problem when she was small – didn’t want to do it, afraid it was dirty so it became so hard and would not come out. Had to take her to the hospital once….and the doctor used a spatula to get the hard lump out – it was blocking the way! So terrible.

  2. Why that dad beat his toddler? So pitiful. Potty training can’t force. We can train but not force as every child is different and are ready at their own individual pace. Ethan got annoyed with heavy diapers hence he stopped urinating in his diapers and will take it out and throw it away each time we put it on him. So naturally he stopped wearing diapers by the time he was 2 years old even at bedtime.

    Kenji boy very cute in that pic!

  3. Small E get rid off the potty pretty fast..I was amazed though..must thanks to cloth diapering journey.

    Don’t worry..potty training always requires lots of patience along the way.

  4. Dun worry, every kids pace is different. My boy is an autistic child, and I have problems potty training him and even at an advance age of 6, he was still in diapers, much to the dismay of his father and the rest of the family. It was a horrible journey for me and even now, at 8 years old, though diaperless, he still wets himself. So difficult for me, and I thought I failed as a mum until i joined the support groups for autistic kids parents!


  5. Thanks for sharing mate! Yeah, I guess different people will have different ages at which they are potty trained and even after that they still might be “accidents”.

    I remember wetting my bed at 7 years old and that caused a bit of worry with my parents (and me) but it was just a couple of times and never happened again after that.

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