Before we bid goodbye to Boracay

The 4 days we spent at Boracay has to be the most awesome thing ever happened to us this year. Flashing back, I wish I could stay a bit longer to enjoy the sea and the sun. This will be the final episode of my Boracay post. I will still write a summary of the top place to visit and exciting activities to do at Boracay later on.

Many may know that other than the beautiful beach and sea, Boracay is also famous for it’s sandcastles. It was made by local children who earn a living by helping tourist to take photos of their masterpiece. I will never be able to make this sandcastle all by myself. Armed with only a spoon, the children can make the sandcastles in just 5-10 minutes. The sandcastle is utterly awesome right?

As it was our last day at Boracay, we spent some times shopping around. Advised by some local friends, we went to the D’Talipapa market which is a only stone throw away from Boracay garden. This market offer goods at a much cheaper price compare to those shop lots at station 2.

We got ourselves some t-shirts as souveneirs as well as some local crafted bottles for our display cabinet at home. Darling made me promised to buy something for this cabinet wherever we go. She hope to have the whole cabinet filled up as the years go by.

Other than clothing and souvenir, the market also famous for its fresh seafoods. Lobsters are in abundance here…

In our last evening, we strolled over to station 1. Station 1 is famous for a cleaner and quieter beach. Those who are looking for a quiet place to relax and away from the hustling station 2 will opt for here. One of the famous landmark at station 1 is Willy’s rock. According to locals, Willy’s rock is the most photographed place in the island.

On top of the rock is the statue of virgin Mary. During low tides, it is accessible by wading through the shallow waters. I found that it is a snorkeling spot too. A lot of fishes are swimming around the rocks attracting children and fascinated adults.

While waiting for the sun set at station 1, we hop over to Jonah’s for a fruit shake to quench our thirst. For the uninitiated, Jonah’s has the best fruit shakes in Boracay. The first sip down my throat proves that. We tried a lot of fruit shakes around Boracay but no one seems to beat Jonah’s. Their shake is rich with flavors and creamy. Our thirst is quenched almost instantly.

It was a cloudy evening and the sun is hiding behind the clouds all the time. We are disappointed as we could not see the last sun set at Boracay. But as the twilight draws nearer, we felt our surrounding turned into a beautiful blue color.

As we admire the beautiful blue sunset, I suddenly feel like drawing on the sand. The first time I drew on sand for darling is around 4 years back in Redang island, just before our ROM. Time flies…Here is what I have drawn.

Up until today, I still miss Boracay. The island brought many fond memories shared between me and darling as well as a precious little gift.

9 thoughts on “Before we bid goodbye to Boracay

  1. OMG I love Jonah’s shakes too! šŸ™‚

    One of the most delicious things in Boracay! They have Nutella banana too, which is my favorite.

    Last time we took a photo at the sandcastles, some local kids (who built it) asked for a donation. Haha!

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