Gift of God

Let’s take a break from the Boracay post. I just came back from Manila after staying there for 5 long weeks. It was a total bliss to come back to my own country, a place where I belongs. I started to dread business trip and I’ve been missing my wife and boy dearly throughout the trip. Although we are connected through all sorts of apps and smart devices everyday, I’m missing their touch, the kisses and the bonding time together.

I took Kenji boy to the park nearby our area last weekend. Kenji boy loves the park as the park houses a very big man made lake, where hundreds of fishes live. They will swim to the surface at a very sight of human, waiting for their share of breads by kind park visitors. We normally will bring a big bag of bread slices, purchased from a bread shop in town, and Kenji will have a fun time throwing all the breads for the fish.

The evening sun was blazing hot that day. Both me and Kenji was perspiring. I’m suggesting to go home as the heat is almost unbearable, but Kenji pull my hand towards his favorite place in the park –  the playground. As we walked towards the park, the rays from the sun hit on us mercilessly from one side. I took the place where the sun hit on us, and tried my best to over-shadow Kenji from being exposed to the heat. I’m trying to follow his pace but the rays from the sun still hit on him every now and then, no matter how hard I tried.

God protects us the same way I’m trying to protect my son. As much as he tried, sometimes hardship fell on us, but this is where we fell down, pick up and stand up again to be more matured and experienced. I used to have a friend who used to ask “Why me?” when he encounter problems. Now I know the answer to his question.

4 thoughts on “Gift of God

  1. Being a parent, we do our best to protect them but also doesn’t mean they can take us for granted. It’s ok sometimes for them to fall because that also part of their growing stage.

    That’s nice to hear such a lovely bonding time with ur lil boy.

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