Our journey to the island of wonders – Boracay Part 2

By the time we reached Boracay, it was already late at night. We’re both hungry and tired, but we’ve happy to see our room. Ours were a pool side room, and I’ve arranged the hotel to put these lovely towel swans on our bed. This looks more like a honeymoon right? As we’re too tired after the hectic trip, we quickly shower up, took some pictures of the swan towel and went outside to search for any edible foods. We found a typical Philippines food stall just a stone throw away from our hotel. As it was raining, we do not wish to wander around and just settle there. Darling ordered a barbecue pork and I got myself a fried chicken. The barbeque pork was surprisingly good with its tender and juicy meat, while my chicken is only mediocre. Both sets came with potato gravy for that extra flavors. I do not know how long I slept, until I was awaken by the sound of splashing and people laughing outside. I took a look at my watch and could not believe my eyes. It was 9 am in the morning. It has been some time since we ever slept that late especially after we have the little alarm clock (Kenji boy) at home. He often wake up at 7 am and will climb to our bed to wake us up too. We got ourselves ready, and went outside to this inviting pool. I wanted a morning swim to freshen up, but darling insist on breakfast.

By the way, we stayed at Red coconut hotel, a 4 star hotel located right in the middle of station 2. We stayed here for 2 nights before moving out to another resort. In a nutshell, this is a nice hotel with friendly staff. At one of the day, I told the front desk that we accidentally step on our bed without washing our feet, hence causing a lot of sands on bed. I’m asking whether they can help to clean it up and they did it when we are back from our breakfast. I’d suggest station 2 for first timers in Boracay because this location is the center of all activity. A little noisy at night, but I love the place as it is very happening all day long. Those who would like to have a quiet place to be can opt for station 1 or 3. Here we are relaxing at the sun beds provided by the hotel. Lazy bug caught me as soon as I lie down. I wish I could lie down and sleep for a while as the gentle morning breeze is very accommodating and relaxing. As I almost dozed off, I felt a tug on my arm. It was darling. She wanted to walk around before the sun is getting too hot. Well, her request is always my command.

As we walked along the beach, we’ve approached by a lot of vendors asking us to try their water activities. We politely declined because we just had our breakfast and only wanted a brisk walk on the beach. As we walked along the beach, we’ve awed by this stretch of yacht parked along the beach.

I will share more on the yachts as well as the water activities we did in part 3.

7 thoughts on “Our journey to the island of wonders – Boracay Part 2

  1. I love your Boracay posts! 🙂

    I went there and thought it was a nice place (except for certain places at the beach where the local kids would build sandcastles for a fee to photograph with, that was annoying, but not more so than the popular beaches around here e.g. Kuta).

    Thanks for the good memories! I walked alone from Station 1 – Station 4, didn’t think it was that far…until I had to walk back. Haha!

  2. Station 2 is, indeed, a good place to stay if you want everything within walking distance. Red Coconut is a good choice, quite pricey, but it has made a name for 20 years now.

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