Finally One!

It has been a year, or is it two that I have stopped writing. Flashing back, this whole year could be one of the hardest year that both my wife and I had ever gone though in our life, but it is throughout these ordeals, our love has strengthen because we know that only love can heal our Isaac baby.

The story started a year ago when little Isaac came into our life. He is a strong baby, weighted a little less than 6 pounds, but has a very strong lung system. I’m assuming that because he cries the loudest in the hospital and at home. It is those sort of piercing high pitch cries that is trying to break your ear drum and maxing up the amount of patience in everyone of us. He cries when we bathe him, he cries when we dress him, and he cries again when we are trying to put him to sleep at night. We had neighbors knocking at our door every day, asking what is happening to our baby. That is how loud he is – the whole street can hear him.

At the same time, he is an unfortunate baby. Seeing a little baby at home, naturally Kenji would love to come close to him and giving him little pecks all the time. And with all these bonding with his big brother, his immune system started to receive all sort of virus and bacteria at a very tender age.  He started to fall sick – flu, cough and fever is becoming a monthly ordeal. Hospitals and clinics became our second home. In this whole year, he was admitted to hospital twice, due to urinary tract infection and influenza virus. And soon, our immune system weakens as well due to lack of sleep and rest. As a result, we took a lot of multivitamins, probiotics and multiple supplements to keep sickness at bay. The amount of supplements for our family can be frightening to those healthy families. Our weight reduced tremendously. We are burning more fats than going to the gym.

And my little Isaac is a tender child. He inherited his mummy’s fragile skin and has eczema. It is not those teething eczema that we are seeing in other children. When his eczema flared up, his whole body turned red and dry, and sometimes cracked. he would not sleep at night and will keep on scratching day and night. We are seeing multiple pediatrician but none able to help. It was later when we found out that it was love that is healing our little Isaac. The stress from the environment, the sickness and the eczema is taking a toll on his little body. I will write more about his eczema story when I have time.

But we never let go. We looked for answers everywhere, joined forums, meet people with the same problems, and at the same time, braced ourselves for the worst. With all our efforts, little Isaac slowly recovers. His weight started to gain momentum, which is giving us some relief. For the past 2 months, we played and laughed more. He loves peekaboo and always gave a very hearty laugh when we play with him.  His face flared up again 2 weeks ago, but healed after a week. I hope his eczema will subside forever and both my boys will have a healthy immunity so that we can have a family vacation very soon.

I’m sharing a photo of Isaac and Kenji. Little Isaac looked like Kenji boy when he was a baby. Today is my little Isaac’s birthday. I wish him a healthy body and will grow up as cheeky as his kor kor.

Happy Birthday Isaac boy. Papa and Mummy loves you!






2 thoughts on “Finally One!

  1. Hey! I missed this one. Ya, they look like identical twins. Hope Isaac is ok or at least, much better now. Not easy raising kids – so worrisome – things keep happening like they’re never gonna end…but looking back at my own, I would say those were the best years of our lives. Chins up, keep at it, and God bless, all.

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