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Hypoglycemia attack

I got a call from wifey this morning that my dad had a hypoglycemia attack. In laymen terms, hypoglycemia  or low blood sugar is a medical condition where the level of sugar in the body drops too low to give … Continue reading

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Expect the unexpected for expectant dad

I was given a task to write about 5 things for expectant dad this week from playground dad. My first article was featured here. To those who haven’t heard about this site, it is actually a site to connect the … Continue reading

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Of waking up late

I have this habit of putting my alarm on snooze every time it rings. I can snooze it a few times until I can get my lazy body out of the bed. This is me in Penang especially when it is raining … Continue reading

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Father’s Day – A tribute to my Dad

This Monday makes no difference compare to the Monday’s before. I woke up, doing my usual routine. I take a look at Kenji boy and give him a peck on his chubby cheeks while he snored away like a little … Continue reading

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