A morning at Kampar

Last weekend, we are back to my hometown at Kampar to celebrate my brother pre-wedding (过大礼 or guo dai lai in cantonese). It is an event where the bridegroom prepares  wedding biscuits and some gifts to the brides family. Dowry are given to the bride’s family at this particular day as well. His wife lives in Penang, and due to the distance, we have arranged the shop to send the wedding biscuits and other items directly to the bride’s family. We have a small eating session at home instead.

I haven’t been back to Kampar for some time, due to Kenji boy. It should be since chinese new year. Wifey and I really do not feel like travelling with Kenji boy constantly moving here and there on the car. At the same time, my MIL who have heard the delicious food associated with this small town complained to me that she haven’t been to Kampar for “makan makan” (eating) . Hence, we took this opportunity to bring my in-law family to Kampar to savor the delicious local food there. We started our journey from Ipoh at 8am, after Kenji boy have his morning milk. We reached Kampar before 9am, and heads to the Medan Selera Kampar directly.

The first thing wifey did is order two plate of this curry chee cheong fun. Tell you what, I have been eating from this stall since I was young. I still love this very much!

Dissatisfied with only one portion of the breakfast, we head for the “loh mai fan” or fried glutinous rice. This small packet of glutinous rice are sold for a whooping RM2 per pack, which I think is a little bit overpriced. The same packet I have when I was a kid is only 50 cents. Though expensive, you can still see a lot of people queuing in front of the stall, waiting to be served.

And some of this too…”chao fan chai” in cantonese. I’m not too sure what this called in english though. I love this to the max. One of my childhood’s food.

Our morning stomach will not be satisfied without this kampar famous fried kuey teow. This fried kuey teow is so famous that people are willing to wait, despite of the long duration taken for the kuey teow to be served on your table. It is also known as 30 minute fried kuey teow to some kamparians because we need to wait at least 30 minutes for the noodles to be served, We actually have walloped everything that we have on the table, and the fried kuey teow still haven’t arrived. I’m getting impatient and went back to the stall,not once but twice, to remind them. Nice food always come last,right?

I captured a photo of the uncle frying kuey teow for remembrance. This uncle are still using charcoal to fry his kuey teow which explains the fragrance of the noodles that capture the minds of the kamparians for so many years.

That’s all I have for our morning breakfast. Will continue on the pre-wedding celebration with my mum home cooked meal in the next blogpost 🙂


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I'm a fatty hubby to my wifey, a naughty daddy to my baby and a witty guy for my friends!
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18 Responses to A morning at Kampar

  1. Yee Ling says:

    Geee….i am drooling over the chee cheong fun.The chee cheong fun looks so delicious and I am so hungry now. Shouldn’t have drop by before morning brekkie..lol

  2. can’t load the photos.. don’t know why… been always passing Kampar when on my way to Ipoh but didn’t make a stop.. next time got chance, must go..

    • Andrew says:

      Sometimes it is like this in wordpress. Try to to load again later and it will be fine. You should make a stop here. There are 2 place worth stopping by from KL to Ipoh – Tapah and Kampar 🙂

  3. vickylow says:

    The curry chee cheong fun is really look good.

  4. Aaron Wan says:

    wahhh i miss my young days in kampar….especially chinese new year =) don’t forget to put ‘Chap Suet” in kampar …Ah WAi gor….

  5. Barbara Ng says:

    oh man..you are making me so hungry looking at the food. i haven’t been to kampar for so long 🙂

  6. suituapui says:

    Oh? You’re from Kampar…chicken biscuits! Food looks good. Must be a lot cheaper than Ipoh or Penang – small town?

    • Andrew says:

      Yup, I’m from Kampar but migrated to Ipoh couple of years back due to work and my family 🙂 Food-wise, relatively cheaper compare to big town like Ipoh and Penang. I wish I can come back my often…

  7. sheohyan says:

    I never been to Kampar for jalan jalan cari makan. Don’t know there are so many food to savour. Next time, I must stop by there.

  8. Ipohgal says:

    Confirmed…..Perak is food paradise!! 🙂

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