Our journey to the island of wonders – Boracay Part 1

Those who know me, be it personally or Facebook friends, would know that I’ve been travelling to the Philippines frequently nowadays due to duty calls. That is also part of the reason why I do not blog nor blog hop lately, as time is no longer a luxury I can afford with for the time being. I hope things will settle down soon, and I can hop around the virtual world like I used to be.

Enough of that. I do try to take some time off from my schedule for a honeymoon with my beautiful wife, the woman who has been supporting my back and taking care of my family when I’m not at home. We are fortunate enough that Malaysian Airlines is throwing out promotions in June, and we manage to get a return ticket for her at RM600. That is quite a steal, isn’t it?

Andrew & Ice on the flight to Manila

The travelling time to Boracay island is a gruesome nightmare. The flight from KLIA to Manila is taking us 4 straight hours, and without proper rest, we need to transfer to Terminal 4 NAIA for domestic flight departure. For the interest of those who do not know, Manila Ninoy Aquino airport is divided into 4 terminals. And bear in mind that these terminals are not next to each other. It took us a 30 minutes “sardines can” shuttle ride from Terminal 1 to 4. The shuttle is full of people jostling around. Some even have to sit on the luggage bags. If you plan a trip to Boracay, do consider travel by Air Asia or Cebu Pacific as both economy airlines land at terminal 4, which would surely save you some transfer time.

The next one hour is another restless nightmare. We are literally stranded in Terminal 4 due to flight delay. We could not believe our second honeymoon started with such a long wait. The flight from Manila to Kalibo took us another 50 minutes. Upon landing in Kalibo airport, we’re greeted by our local travel agent who bring us to our van. The journey from Kalibo to Caticlan took us another 2 hours of bumpy and exhausting. Darling almost puke at the end of the ride. Lesson learnt – should take direct flight to Caticlan rather than to Kalibo.

We arrived at Boracay after a 15 minutes boat journey. Thanks goodness, but the rain started to pour in like cats and dogs when we arrived. Armed with only an umbrella, I’m totally drenched from the rain, and by the time we reached the hotel, I looked nothing more than a wet chicken. What a day!

Despite of our weariness, my plan starts kicking in when we checked into our rooms. Yes, I get the hotel to help me to put some decoration in our rooms to make it more romantic for our honeymoon.  And the most awesome thing is, we woke up next morning to this beautiful view of the white beach @ Boracay Island.

I will share more of our awesome trip in the next post. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Our journey to the island of wonders – Boracay Part 1

  1. Ah finally a new post! LOL! Oh I wish I can go to Boracay one day! But the nightmare of getting there is already putting me off! Then again, the sight of the beautiful white beach might just make it all worthwhile! : )

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