Memories of time

I was browsing through facebook this morning, and saw an update on my brother’s profile. He is my youngest brother and is getting married this coming October. Being the youngest in the family, he is always the apple of my parent’s eye. He was showered with love and got all the love my parents can afford. When I was young, I couldn’t help envy of him. Don’t get me wrong that my parents do not love me. They loves me too – equal love as what my dad always preach.

The whole preparation of his marriage bring back a lot of sweet memories that we shared when we are still living under one roof. The smile, the laughter and the agony after being canned from my dad flashed back into our mind. All this seems like just happening yesterday. Here is an excerpt of what he said. I wish this couple boundless of happiness and health in many years to come.

Hoong Kit: Both me and wifey is busy in preparing for our coming wedding focussing on different task. Though sitting at different corner of the house concentrating on our task, we still try to make fun and distract each other in ensuring we are not too bored. While scanning each pieces of our photo, I was as if travel back to the time when I was born, receiving all love and attention as the youngest son. 
Walking from primary school till tertiary education is a simple way to me but is a hard time to both of my parents who earns every penny to raise me up, take care of me when I was sick, worry whenever I sit for an exam and lots more.
Now, I have grown up and set up my own family but yet they still backing me up from behind, helping me to do whatever I can’t from such a far distance. Their simple mind request for nothing but only their son’s happiness and they will feel rewarded. This is always by bless for being able to born in this family.
This marriage reminds me back to lots of sweet memory that I ever had from this caring family. They will always be my role model on how to have a peaceful and harmony family.Thanks to my beloved mom and dad. My love to both of them is eternal from the bottom of my heart.

7 thoughts on “Memories of time

  1. Interesting! Yeah, my sister is teaching my niece to not be jealous (she’s 3) of the newborn nephew (4 months). My niece was extremely jealous at first and she even can talk coherently about it. Now, she’s okay, which always surprises me – kids nowadays, they can surprise you sometimes. 🙂

    All the best to your brother and his soon-to-be wife! 😀

  2. Sobsss!!! Sobsss!!!! I love weddings, especially church weddings! Always so emotional,makes me feel like I wanna cry. Sigh!!! I guess I’m one silly sentimental old fool…

    October! That’s coming soon. Congrats and all the best to your brother and your SIL.

  3. Very touching! Wedding is surely something happening in the house, though everyone is busy about it =)
    Congrats to your brother and welcome SIL! hehehe 😛

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