A boy who is never afraid of dogs

It was the second day of the chinese new year, and as per tradition, we went back to my wife’s family at Menglembu. The first place we visited in Menglembu is my wife’s uncle (MIL’s brother) home.  I’m a bit hesitated when entering the house as they owned two hyperactive dogs. I’m not sure whether they bites, but they loved running towards you, licking you here and there. When I was young, I lived in a kampung (village) area, where dogs are pretty common. You can see them littering around wherever you went.  Hence, I was never afraid of dogs, in fact fancy to have them as a companion. The reason for my hesitation is because of Kenji. I’m worried whether he would be tormented with two hyperactive dogs coming to him.

Anyway, we entered the house, and as usual the dogs run to us. I tried to hold Kenji tightly, but my boy looks very amazed by the dogs and even struggle to get down from my arms. I contemplated for a while, and let him down, while watching closely on him and the dogs. The smaller grey dog come to him first, and can you guess what my son did?

He gave a kick to the little dog when the dog tried to approach him. He squealed in delight while the dog squirmed in shock and try to run away from him. He even want to give the poor little dog a chase, but I stopped him. It all happened in a split of seconds, and I’m still refusing to believe what has just happened.

Being a friendly dog, the grey little dog came to him, but this round she is bringing along her bigger companion. They sat down beside Kenji, looking at him. My boy was amazed and happy with the dogs sitting with him, touched the dog and try to beat their head again. I stepped in and slowly teach him to caress their head. It is time to teach him how to love the small animals around him. He continued to play with the dogs for a while, until he get bored again, and give the dog a slap at its face again. The frustrated again squirmed in agony and gave a knock at his face with its mouth. This is where my brave little boy started to cry.

I carried him up and tried to pacify him. He stopped crying after a while and struggle to come down again to play with the dogs. And the cycle begins again…I think my boy inherited my genes. My wife, on the other hand, is very afraid of dogs. She will instantly grab my hand and hide behind me whenever she saw one. My brother’s son who is 2 year older than him is equally afraid of dog as my wife. Anyway, I believe cultivating love for animals in their growing up years in important. I’d continue to let him explore naturally and instill the love of animals and nature to him.

I love the below picture I saw from facebook today. A dog may be man’s best friend, but a child’s best friend is a puppy!

baby's best friend
Image from google search and facebook

7 thoughts on “A boy who is never afraid of dogs

  1. Whatever it is they say, have to watch out! My friend’s son…so handsome…dunno what he did to their dog but it bit him on the face…and he grew up with this horrible scar – not handsome at all. These kids don’t know anything – not aware of the danger. My cousin’s own dog attacked him and had to go for plastic surgery. You should see the scars on his arms and legs…so do be careful with those. Man’s best friend may sometimes become man’s worst enemy – they are, after all, animals…

  2. I will not offer, but I will not stop my girl from playing with animal… If she thinks she wants to play, she may go ahead but NOT with ME!! I’m dead with animals (any kind) to get near me.. so, I guess, I will let her decide for herself.. hehehe..

    1. Cyn…high 5! I am dead with animals too. Big E loves dog but I never allow one at home. It’s a NO NO thingy. I won’t stop her playing with animals but must with my presence.

  3. Seems like you were worried too much, hehe.

    Dogs have special ‘feelings’ towards small kids (and vice versa), they won’t simply bite, I mean those dogs which keep as a pet at home, not those wild ones.

  4. I afraid of dogs, my two girls now are also very afraid dogs. I don’t like my girls get too friendly with dogs. Dogs have its emotion too. So, must watch out if you let your boy go near dogs.

  5. I think there is no harm having dogs around kids if they are not fierce ones. Dogs are very warm and passionate animals, they are certainly man’s best friends. No doubt about this.

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