Chap Goh Meh Celebration at Kinta riverfront Ipoh

Last saturday, we are at Kinta riverfront again. Mum happened to read about the Chap Goh Meh celebration over there, and said we should drop by since the place is not far from our home. Two magnificent lions greet us at the bridge.

My boy is fascinated with lion dance and always  dance with the beating of the drums. Here is a picture of him with one of the lion. He would look at the lion most of the time, and even by the time we left the bridge, he will continue to look behind until the lions is out of sight.

The whole place for made lively with some shows put up by local artist. We sat there for a while enjoying the show. It was a hot night due to the crowd, and we did not stay long as Kenji boy is already yawning.

While making our way out of the place, I saw a stall selling plastic lotus light..

There is a candle in the middle to be lighted up before it was released into the river. I saw people making their wish before releasing them into the river. Every lotus light was sold for RM5. I did not bought any. It is not that I do not have a wish to made, but I’m worrying about the consequences of the action. I’m not sure whether the authority or the hotel management will clear up these plastic materials somewhere at the end. If not, this is really spoiling the environment. Another picture of the place before we called it a night!

8 thoughts on “Chap Goh Meh Celebration at Kinta riverfront Ipoh

  1. Yes…that’s the 1st thing to come to mind when I saw those lotus flowers. At least, the Thais use banana leaves or something harmless to the environment. This is really too much!!! Some people do not care at all! Brainless! Tsk! Tsk!

    And anything goes wrong – the finger pointing starts. Blame the government, blame everybody but themselves. The sad thing is I found the the little students in school doing exactly the same thing – taught by their parents – the vicious cycle. I really wonder at the mentality among the generation these days. Our time, we got on very well with the little we had…and when we wanted anything, we worked hard for it – we did not just sit and wait for things to drop down from the sky…

  2. I have never been to the Kinta River yet! Really wanna drop by this place, I think my son would love this place cause of the beautiful LED lights!

  3. Seriously you are right about the end consequences on lighting that lotus flowers. What will happen to them in the end nobody knows. They might choke the river yet no one even bothers 😦

  4. wow…so beautiful. Was there a year ago. That time it’s not finished yet.

    was in ipoh on Chap goh meh…friend said got event there but we didnt go

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