New attraction at Ipoh

After our dinner last Sunday, with nothing much to do, wifey suggested us to go to the Kinta riverfront hotel to take a look at the new attraction build by the hotel at the river banks. The Kinta river – owing its name to Kinta valley which surrounded Ipoh, a once well known-ed town for tin mining. Lately, a hotel was erected just by its banks, and the hotel management took the opportunity to beautify the whole area.


A lot of bright and colorful LED tree were erected along the river banks, giving the place some strokes of serenity in the peaceful evening. We walked along the banks, accompanied by a gentle evening breeze. Kenji boy, who seldom let us hold his hands during a walk, let us hold his hand while enjoying the dazzling light from the trees.

There is also a mini mining museum along the banks. Mum, who was once a tin miner during her younger times, found a lot of her fond memories inside the museum. There are a couple of restaurants has started their business there, and there are still a lot of empty shop lots. I guess they will be populated very soon. We really enjoyed the evening stroll there, and my mum suggested us to come here more often since this place is only a 15 minutes car journey from our home.

A friend said that I-City in Shah Alam is far more impressive than the Ipoh riverfront. I’m pretty aware of that. I-City have a forest of trees, while we only have a couple of line of trees on the bank, but I still love it here because this is my beloved little town called Ipoh. I will be writing more about this place when I have the time.


14 thoughts on “New attraction at Ipoh

  1. Nice. What a pretty place! I hear they’ve been working on the Lost World of Tambun – very much nicer now than before. Hmmmm…must hop over to Ipoh one of these days.

  2. we went there on the first day of CNY. gosh, that place was packed to the brim with people and there was no breeze 😦 i saw the museum too but didn’t go in because it was packed and we wanted to leave asap 😀

  3. It looks really nice! Yeah, similar concept to I-City but I think the Ipoh one looks better with the nice waterfront. I love the first and second shots – it looks quite serene and peaceful.

    I didn’t know there’s a place like this in Ipoh! 🙂

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