Finally One!

It has been a year, or is it two that I have stopped writing. Flashing back, this whole year could be¬†one of the hardest year that both my wife and I had ever gone though in our life, but it is throughout these ordeals, our love has strengthen because we know that only love can … More Finally One!

Gift of God

Let’s take a break from the Boracay post. I just came back from Manila after staying there for 5 long weeks. It was a total bliss to come back to my own country, a place where I belongs. I started to dread business trip and I’ve been missing my wife and boy dearly throughout the … More Gift of God

He loves water…

I can still remember how he whimper and cry when we refused to give him a bath due to the rainy weather. We used to bathe him twice a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening. We initially thought that he might be used to the daily routine and refused to … More He loves water…

If your man do not help the babies to change diapers

How do you feel when your other half refuse to do the dirty jobs when it comes to raising children? I was reading some parenting articles today and came across this article from Well, there is this hollywood star,¬†Matthew McConaughey, admitted that he never change dirty diapers for his children. I was¬†appalled¬†with what I … More If your man do not help the babies to change diapers