Thanks TNB for the blackout!

The news offered by the headhunter has been bugging me non-stop for the past few days. I’ve been considering hard whether to leave for the offer, or just forget it as if it never come by. My dear wifey do not really wish to part with me. Further persuasion from me only keep her agitated, followed by crying.

“I rather not to have a luxury life. I only wanted us to stay as one family”she cried.

Wifey, I never meant that way. Sorry about that. She reminded of my post here, telling me  that we have promised each other that we will grow old together. I just kept quiet and try to enjoy the weekend, still thinking on how to bring her to agreement. Am I stubborn?

We did have an enjoyable weekend. We attended a wedding lunch, brought Kenji out to malls, while wifey did some shopping, and teaching Kenji boy ABC 🙂

It was not until after Kenji asleep yesterday, I was able to bring back the discussion that we have left on friday night. ” Can I go to China?” I asked her again.

Sleep, you need to drive back early tomorrow, was her only reply. Deep in my heart, I know that she is very reluctant to let me go, but the rebellious and ambitious devil inside is kicking me crazy. I slept eventually, awaken couple of hours later, realizing that it was too hot. There are no air conditioning and the fan has stopped.

I was cursing TNB, and wifey has waken up too, as the warm air rises. I was frustrated, got off my room, and called TNB. There are no clear promise from them when it can  be fixed. I went back into the room, and found wifey was fanning Kenji. I grab a piece of paper, and helped with the fanning too.

“If you left for China, I will be here fanning him alone” she whispered.

I was dumfounded. I looked at Kenji boy. He is still sleeping and snoring a little. I caressed his head, and looked at wifey. “I will not be going, not anymore. I will be here, with you and Kenji”, I gave out smile of relief.

The electricity did not come back until an hour later. As we could not sleep, we spend our time chatting away, while taking our turns to fan Kenji. We went back memory lane, bring the laughter and jokes we shared throughout our relationship. What a lovely warm night!

Sometimes TNB blackout do come as a blessing right?

2 thoughts on “Thanks TNB for the blackout!

  1. Yay, glad to hear that you have made your decision and Ice is happy about it 🙂 nothing is more important than having your loved ones close by 🙂

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