A weekend for the family

Wifey have to attend a wedding lunch last weekend, hence I need to stay at home taking care of Kenji boy with my mum in law. It was a fun saturday, crawling and playing with him all day long, but also very tiring. I have been staying at home all day, so when wifey came home, I told her that we need to get out from the house.

We ended up at Aeon Station 18, the nearest to our home, and also wifey’s favorite mall for the moment. In less than 30 mins into the mall, wifey got herself a new pair of shoes (a shoeholic). We drop my Chatime for a break after walking around for some time. As you see below, there is always something for Kenji boy – lukewarm water prepared by mummy 🙂

Beverage for papa, mummy and kenji boy

And the naughty papa complained that he do not have a photo with kenji boy for a while, so mummy took this photo for us, but Kenji boy is not cooperating – see what he is doing there!

On our way back, we drop my popular store to found out that it was their last day promotion for members. We get in and get kenji boy an ABC book. Mummy said it’s time to teach him some fundamental words. I will talk about how we teach our kenji boy ABC in my next post.

4 thoughts on “A weekend for the family

  1. oh so you stay near Aeon Station 18. that’s quite far from the city center huh? it must be very jam for all of you to go home during the first few days the mall was opened right? i must visit Aeon 18 when i go back to ipoh 🙂 hopefully will make a trip back during the next school holiday.

    1. We stayed at Bandar Cyber (adjacent to Botani). The mall is just 20 mins driving distance from our home. The first few weeks is very jam, but traffic has becoming tolerable now. Ice loves to go there for shopping everyweek, it have been our favorite mall since it opened. Give us a call if you happen to come back, would love to meet up with you 🙂

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