Long Distance Relationships

I was talking to wifey this morning when suddenly the issue of working overseas is brought up. I wanted to know what she thinks or how she would handle if one day I was posted overseas for work and will not be back for a year or two. She keep quite for a long while before she answers me.

“I will follow you wherever you go” was her reply.

I did not pursue further on my questions as I do not wish to break her mood for the day. But deep in my heart, I pray that things would go easy on us if this happens one day.

It was a normal routine day until I received a sms from my headhunter. He told me that he has an opportunity for me in China and asked me to reply him as soon as possible. It was a very good offer, that gives me a leap in career. An opportunity that is hard to come by, but it is in China, which means that I need to leave wifey and Kenji for some years.

My heart is heavy, unsure what should I reply to him. Me and wifey have been in long distance relationship since four years ago. I was working outside Ipoh for a better pay and better opportunities, and come back in the weekend to spend the time with my family. Thanks to the technology that we have today, the world is much nearer, and we can exchange our love everyday. Sometimes I do envy those people who get to see their family everyday.

A lot of question is running across my mind now. Can I really go alone, while bearing the pains of missing wifey and Kenji? Will I be missing the opportunity to see Kenji growing up? Should I let go? I guess I’m stopping here. Need to clear my mind a bit.

6 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships

    1. Thanks for dropping by Frances. Yea, this is what I thought, but wifey reminded me that there are many things is not achievable by internet alone, for instance the joy of seeing my son growing up weekly.

  1. God has it’s plan… you never know when you there in China, you managed to ‘ship’ both the love ones there and really had a family life.. I am sure as an expatriate, you be given more allowance to bring your family along.. Furthermore in China, it’s still safe to bring your family along. Maybe try negotiate with the employer on this matter.

  2. Yea, I always believe God has his plan on everything. Thanks for the advise. In my case, wifey told me that she would like to stay in M’sia, hence I did not brought this up to the new company 🙂

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