It’s balloon time

Lately, my boy has developed an intense interest with balloons. Everywhere we go, he would be asking for a balloon. When he sees me, he will repeatedly tell me that he want to go Aeon. I will ask him why he wanted to go. He would replied happily, “balloon”. For goodness sake, sometimes we have to hunt the whole Aeon for counters or shops giving away free balloons for kids. Luckily, Aeon have balloons to giveaway almost every weekend, hence my boy would not go home empty handed most of the time.

We are at MITA travel fair last weekend. While waiting for my wife to ask for some travel information at some counter, the sales person who was free at the moment come over and asked Kenji whether he would like to have some sweets. My boy shaked his head, and told him; ” balloon”. Luckily at the later part of the night, there are some clowns giving away animals shaped balloons to children, and he don’t come home empty handed.

Some kids might just put the balloon aside as soon as they reached home, but my boy manage to figure out some activities with the balloons he took home. Here is the things he  did with the balloons:

1. Playing peekaboo with us by hiding his head behind the balloon
2.Kicking the balloon around the house
3. Throw the balloon on the air and ask papa to catch
4. Putting the balloon at the back of his toy car and ride around the house
5. Hugging the balloon while watching TV (don’t know for what reasons)
6. Using them as walking sticks (for balloon that came with a stick) and walk around the house. 

Dunno when this balloon craziness is going stop. At the meantime, we are enjoying it!

Image courtesy of google search

9 thoughts on “It’s balloon time

  1. hahahaha…. boys are boys hah, my girl don’t enjoy balloon till later age.. when she was at the age of Kenji, she will not ‘hold’ one.. but now, yes, she go all gaga over ‘free’ balloon!!

  2. My girls when young loved balloons too, but they are now outgrowing the stage of loving balloon, now they are too old to be given balloons for free too. Kids grow fast.

  3. Kids. Mine would want those with helium – the ones that would fly and she could never hold on to them tight…so you can guess what always happened…and what would happen next… One hysterically crying kid in your hands! Tsk! Tsk!

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