My 19th month old baby boy

Should I still call him a baby? He is now a 19 month old cheerful and witty boy. I’m going through the best moments in my life now. I had a boy who will come to the door, jumping up and down to greet me every Friday. I love him when he ask me or his mummy to crawl and run around with him. Kenji is a fast learner. He loves to repeat every single thing we said. It was fun to have someone repeating everything we said but we have to be very careful with our words because he is catching up very fast.

Did I tell you that Kenji boy loves food? Every time he sees us munching our fruits or snacks away in the living room, he will stop his games and come to us. He would climb onto my lap, pointing at the foods I’m eating and try to bring my food into his mouth. If I refused, he would keep on insisting and I had to get another piece for him. Time really flies. Gone were the days where we can feed him. He knows how to grab a spoon, but not steady yet, and know how to pick up food for himself now. We do allow him to feed himself because we love the mess he made on himself 🙂 Kidding, we want him to be independent. With self feeding, we no longer need to bring toys to our dining table.

His vocabulary is slowly increasing too. He can tell us the names of the fruits and vegetable that we usually eat. He knows how to greet us good morning when he woke up, and good night before we made it to our room at night. He knows his favorite supermarket too. Whenever I asked him where should we go, he would say “Aeon”. He knows his favorite song too, thanks to his cousin brother who keep mentioning the song name – Baa baa Black Sheep. But Kenji pronounced the song as “Baa Baa sheep”. Thanks to his mummy who teaches him counting, he knows how to count from one to ten now.  I’m really proud of him.



About Andrew

I'm a fatty hubby to my wifey, a naughty daddy to my baby and a witty guy for my friends!
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12 Responses to My 19th month old baby boy

  1. suituapui says:

    Something wrong in your blog title – shouldn’t it be 19-month and not 19th-year?

    Ya, watch what you say in front of kids – they pick up very very fast. Make sure – no swear words, no foul language. LOL!!!

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks Arthur. Have corrected the title. Yes, he pick up faster than i can imagine. Now, he even called my wife darling rather than mummy because that’s what i’m calling my wife all the while.

  2. Yee Ling says:

    I can see the daddy is very proud of his son. I bet this is one of the most incredible milestones in your parenthood journey. Enjoy and cherish every single moment you had with ur cute boy and your wife. When you and your wife plan to add another one? ehehehhe

  3. Chloe'sMummy says:

    Clever boy! So fast 19 months already…I remember wishing him on his first birthday not long ago 🙂

  4. Yan says:

    So fast that your Kenji is going to 2 years old. Nice write up on his progress and milestone.

  5. Hayley says:

    No matter how big is our kids, they are still like a baby in our hearts 😉

  6. It’s not Aeon! It’s Jusco! Jusco! OK, just me still cannot accept the name change hahaha!

  7. It’s really the best moment of your life right? I know this because my brother is also enjoying his life with his 11 month old baby boy. And it’s good you blog about it cos next time you can read back and have these wonderful memories. Also, Kenji will get to read this when he grows up. Awesome : )

  8. vickylow says:

    Cute Kenji boy, Happy 19th mths to him. Soon going to celebrate his 2nd birthday.

  9. oh.. this is one proud daddy!!!! wah.. can’t wait to see him having ‘fun’ when he turns 24 months!! Well, I still call my girl ‘Baby’ but she will response… “No, I not baby anymore”…

  10. Ipohgal says:

    Monkey sees monkey do as they used to say and this is so true with bringing up children. Our children is the mirror of ourselves and this is the best time for us as parents to set good examples for our kids.

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