Sleeping separately for almost a year

I’ve been procrastinating on writing about my Korea trip since a week ago. And I think I’m going to procrastinate until after chinese new year. It’s not that I do not wish to write about it. It is about the limited time I had after the trip. Work is catching up. There are a lot of closure to be made before the chinese new year. On top of that, spring cleaning is happening at every corner of my house. It is only a week away to the new year, and it seems that there are a lot of area is yelling at me for a clean up.

The good thing worth writing this week is about our Kenji boy. I always love writing about him. In fact, this blog revolves around him. He has been a good boy recently. Few days back, he no longer cuddle his mummy to sleep. He has been cuddling on top of his mummy for almost a year, and will search for his mummy at midnight. This is one of the cons of a breastfeeding baby. On a positive side, the bonding between baby and mummy will be very close.

Due to that, we have been sleeping separately for almost a year. Mummy is sleeping with him on a queen size bed, just beside our king size bed. We are practically fine with that, all for the love to our little boy. Wifey have been showing her patience, teaching him how to sleep independently. This takes time, in fact a very long time, for him to reach this stage. Now, he has learnt to sleep on his own pillow, hugging his bolster and mummy hugging hers. Mummy and son will look deeply into each other’s eyes and fall into a deep slumber.

Sweetdream mummy and baby. Do you co-sleep with your child?

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10 thoughts on “Sleeping separately for almost a year

  1. Opps, my comment went missing 😦

    My son sleeps just next to us on his own bed since day one, so he has not much problems on sleeping on his own πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, good boy Kenji, big boy lor~

  2. No problem for my girls sleeping on their own. Just that it will take a longer time for them to sleep because they will busy chit chatting and playing with each other until I come up with my ‘magic wand’..ehehehe

  3. I guess it just gets getting used to. You only have one and the tendency to stick to the parents is stronger. If you have two or more, they would be quite happy to have a room of their own…nicely decorated with all the things that they love.

  4. Oh! I think I slept separately with hubby for more than 5 years. Because I have 2 girls who co-slept with us until the elder was five and the younger was 3.

  5. Still co-sleeping with BOTH kiddos. My 4 years old boy on my left, my 1.5 years old girl on my right. Hubby far far on his own King sized bed while me and kiddos on queen sized bed. The original plan is to slowly transitioned my boy to his own bed by letting him sleep with daddy on the King sized bed but somehow he rolls back to me on my queen sized bed. Yes, breastfeeding babies are like that… plus just weaned my boy when he was 45 mths old, still I need to put 1 hand on his chest so he could fall asleep πŸ˜›

    Btw, I co-sleep with my parents until I was 7 years old πŸ˜€

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