2013 resolutions

In the blink of eye, 14 days has passed through into 2013. Some people is asking me where I have gone for weeks. I’m sorry for the sudden missing in action. Works has been piling up 2 weeks before the new year, and I need to rush every thing out as per commitment before taking off for my vacation at Korea with my darling. I will be doing some write ups for my Korea trip later on, but right now,I’d like to state down my resolutions for 2013. At the end of the year, I will come back to see whether I’m meeting what I had written down.

Having more vacation with wifey
We did not go for any vacation after the arrival of Kenji. The recent Korea trip is the first one after 2 years, and we truly enjoy the moments there. It is like finding our romance back in our dating times. Some people asked, “why not bringing Kenji boy along?”. Kenji is one active baby. He will not sit down quietly unless he is asleep. Else he will be jumping up and down. I promised darling to have another vacation before our “big project” soon.
Working harder and exercise more
As I said, we will be working on a “big project” soon, hence we need to work harder to put enough food on the table for all of us. We constantly feel tired nowadays. Sometimes, I’m running out of breath for a few rounds of crawling with Kenji boy around the living room. I’ve been lacking of exercise for a year. Darling has start to jog every morning. I think I need to find a way to exercise at Penang myself. Most probably I will sign up for a gym or fitness  centre.
Spending more time blogging
This is something that I’d love to find time doing. Ever since I start to blog, I get to know a lot of friends who are nice and caring. We haven’t met each other before, but we seems to know each other well. Appreciate our friendship here 🙂
My “big project”
Yes, last but not least, I’m hoping to get a brother/sister for my Kenji boy. Kenji loves companionship. whenever he see someone his age, he will call out loudly and go to play with them. He is a very friendly and cheerful boy. I hope and addition in the household will bring more laughter and happiness this year or next.

That’s all about it. Have you made your resolutions as well? Did you write them down? Better hurry! Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “2013 resolutions

  1. Nothing in there for Kenji? I’m sure your wife would understand – once a kid or more arrive, your lives will centre around them. Parenthood = love & sacrifice. There is no more you and me time, it is always we time…and in years to come, when you look back, this will be the best time of your lives.

    1. There is always something for Kenji. This is only my resolutions that me and my wifey planned. Actually we have been missing him throughout the trip, and I’m glad that we are back now to be with him every day.

    1. We have been missing him throughout the trip. Actually we start to miss him before even we depart. Hopefully we can have him around in our next trip.

  2. More vacation, work harder and exercise more, blog more and bigger family. I foresee you will have a very fruitful 2013. Best of luck, Andrew.

  3. I totally understand, we the parents need to have some ‘me time’ too even after having kids.

    Good luck to all your resolutions! (Especially the last one, must work hard ok!) *wink*

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