My angry bird in town

On my last trip at Bangkok, I come across these cute shirts that comes with a hood and a pants with a bird-like tail. I bought 3 of them – two of angry bird design as my boy loves the birds and one with lighting mcqueen design. The part that I loved most is its tail. If I’m a child, I’d be very intrigued to pull the wagging tail.

2012-12-18 19.14.42

I intended to keep the clothes until chinese new year as Kenji already has a lot of clothes as a result of my overseas trips. My mum came across the shirts when she was browsing through his wardrobe. She told us that there are ample clothes for the new year as we are still keeping a lot of new ones. I also think that I’m buying too much for him, but I just can’t stop myself whenever I came across cute clothing like this.

Well, Kenji boy are still having some periodical cough, and was scheduled for a check up at the pediatrician yesterday. Wifey dressed him up in the yellow angry bird sets. We hope that the cute clothing could cheer him up a bit as he is afraid of the hospital after a few nights of staying there.

Angry birdWe are glad that he did not cry when we reach the hospital. In fact, he is running around in his costume with his tail wagging behind him. A lot of children took notice and watch him running around, but none of them dare to come close to pull his tail. Would you pull his tail?

He is getting a lot better now with the new medication from our pediatrician that reduces his phlegm. I hope that this will be our last visit to the hospital, at least for this year. 🙂


11 thoughts on “My angry bird in town

  1. hahaha cute angry bird clothes.. with the head feather and tail too, how 3D that is!! look at how happy Kenji is, i think he loves to be the yellow angry bird huh?? :p

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