If your man do not help the babies to change diapers

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How do you feel when your other half refuse to do the dirty jobs when it comes to raising children? I was reading some parenting articles today and came across this article from whattoexpect.com. Well, there is this hollywood star, Matthew McConaughey, admitted that he never change dirty diapers for his children.

I was appalled with what I read. How a man spell his love to his children when he don’t even want to change a dirty diaper for his child? Well, parenting is not a job for one, but a job for both. Gone were the days where male chauvinism rules the household. We no longer lives in an era where only man bring back the food for the family. If a man do not shares the household responsibilities and involves in upbringing of the children, what sort of father is that? The job of taking care of a child should be shared equally between both parents.

I’m a learning dad. I’d not say that I’m contributing a lot in the household, but when I’m at home in the weekend, I’d helping out in any household chores. Back to the changing diaper topic, do you guys really found that it is a dirty job to do? Personally, I don’t think so. In fact, I enjoy doing it. There are times when I want to change my boy’s diaper and he shoot his urine up onto my face. These are hilarious moments that I won’t forget until the end of my life. For me, these are the precious bonding times that you share with your growing child.

For those who told me that he/she do not want to change a diaper for his/her child, I can only say “what a shame!”

To read the article, here is the link.

7 thoughts on “If your man do not help the babies to change diapers

  1. hahaha.. I was ONE who do all the dirty job since NO ONE to pass the job too.. sometimes, can la, pass to the helper (maid) to help abit.. but yes, if I happen to have other half, and HE refuse to change dirty diaper(s), then he may not get his name as ‘FATHER’..

  2. Hmmm…if given the choice, my hubs would not want to do the dirty job also. Well, if I am away from home and no one he can pass the job to, he still have to do it.

  3. My husband involved in all jobs be it dirty or not, he is always a very handy man. I still remember he showed me how to bath a baby when my confinement lady was away for the very first day.

  4. Yes, you should! My husband too, is very involved with the children. He also help to bathe, clothe, clean, change, rock…..everything that need to be done for the babies. What a shame and what a waste too to those who stay away because such times will not come back once the children grows up.

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