Satisfying my curiosity

Every time I saw his blog post about kampua noodle, I was intrigued to try but I do not know where could I find it in Ipoh or Penang. Somewhere last week, I got to know from a colleagues of mine who is from Sibu, that there is a stall at Jalan Tengah (Penang) serving this noodle. There is brochure pasted in front of the stall, claiming that this is a pure homemade noodle and no boric acid added.

I think I have waited for more than 20 minutes for the noodles to be served on my table, and by the time the noodle came, my colleagues almost finish their meal. The noodle is good, but the appearance seems not identical to what I have seen here. I start to wonder whether this is the real kampua noodle from Sibu. The noodle is springy and the taste is good too, very similar to the kolo mee that I had before in Kuching some times ago. It came with minced meat and barbecued pork as a standard.

In my humble opinions, this kampua noodle that I had is only mediocre.  If this is the real kampua noodle, I still couldn’t differentiate this kampua noodle than the kolo mee that I tried before at Kuching. My friend is correct. We should fly over to try the real thing at Sibu. I hope I can find time to go over too!

7 thoughts on “Satisfying my curiosity

  1. That certainly looks more like Kuching kolo mee than Sibu kampua mee…but the main thing is the taste. Will have to taste and see if it is kolo mee or kampua mee made to look like kolo mee…or neither. Many in KL claim to be either one or the other but taste like neither – not that they’re not nice. Some are pretty good…just not the same, that’s all.

    P.S. Thanks for the link. Air Asia is having an offer now, free/cheap seats – flying May-September next year.

  2. I have to agree, this is not real Sibu kampua.

    The condiments are wrong – we don’t use minced meat, it seems like a fusion between kolo mee of Kuching and kampua mee of Sibu (albiet using the flat noodles instead of the standard ones, but that’s an option in Sibu too).

    Adding to the surrealism, the photo that’s displayed is of Sarikei, which is a totally different district altogether. It’s the pineapple statue that gave it away.

    …so yeah, it’s not real Sibu kampua.

    Sorry, have a bit of pride on this issue, being born in Sibu and eating kampua like everyone. It’s our town dish. 😉

    Yeah, come to Sibu buddy!

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