Guiding him

Once I read an article on parenting which mentioned: “If you do not teach your child to be good, you are teaching him otherwise”. Children are born innocent, just like a piece of white paper. They do not know what is right and what is wrong. It is us (parents) who should teach and guide them on the correct or proper way of living.

Kenji boy is very similar to other toddlers at their age. He loves exploring around, climbing up and down, trying to imitate the actions that we adult do. Some of our relatives claimed that he is naughty for the reason he loves to participate in whatever we do. For instance, when mummy are trying to fold the clothes, he will come over and try to take the clothes and flip it over. I can see that he is trying to help, but some people think that he is being a nuisance for disturbing them.

I’d allow him to help, even recognizing the help by saying “thank you” to him. I want him to feel appreciated. I always talk to him especially before sleep time. Though at such a tender age, he seems to understand what we told him. Talking to him will require a lot of patience as sometimes he will ignore us. It is by such communication, we learn more of each other.

Once of such example is the way he drink his milk. It was literally my fault as I always let him to play with toys during his milk time in his early days. Β At one time, he will request for a lot of toys, and if his request is not granted, he will push away the bottle and run around the house. Wifey talk to him every night about this, and guide him to take the pillow and hold the bottle on his own. Wifey guide him for a couple of days. Finally, we saw him taking his pillow from the sofa and lie down there waiting for mummy to give him his bottle. He no longer want to play with his toys at his milk time. I’m so proud of him. My boy is growing up!

8 thoughts on “Guiding him

  1. Yes, kids are born “tabula rasa” – total blank like a white sheet of paper. It is up to the parents to write nice things, draw beautiful pictures and add nice colours. Remember also that they do not always learn what we teach…but they will learn what we don;t teach and they learn from our examples – things that we do or say, our attitudes, our manners, everything… Watch out!!!

  2. Yes kids are a sheet of white paper. We are the crayon to color the paper beautifully. I’m trying hard to lecture my kids too, but some character are really inborn very hard to change. I’m trying my best.

  3. yes, kids are born innocent, the one who spoilt it always the parents. Anyway, it’s good to instill good values to our children, and may they grow up to be nice and care. Human learns best with examples, being good or bad.. πŸ˜€

  4. Yea, good edcuation starts early. I think it’s a big challenge for every parents as we don’t want the kids to become bad, especially in the cruel society now.

  5. So far, I can see that you and your wife are coping very well with your little one. Keep up your good one. Always be your kid’s role model. Kid is a mirror of adult.

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