Breast cancer awareness

“Annie pass away this morning”, wifey sent me an sms last Friday morning. I quickly called her asking her whether she is alright. I can hear that she is weeping over the phone. “It’s alright”, I comforted her over the phone. “At least this ends her suffering after so many years, and may she rest in peace now'” I continued while wifey is still weeping over the phone.

Annie was my wifey’s ex-colleague. She is a cheerful young woman, with a loving husband and 3 children. Some months back, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and that is how her life change thereafter. She has been fighting this appalling disease with multiple chemotherapy, hoping to win the battle for her beloved family. She had been a strong lady, but the disease has taken over her body, and she returned to God’s embrace last Friday.

The whole incident brought me back to what happens to wifey around 6 months ago. One Friday, when I’m back from Penang, wifey urged me upstairs to our room. She told me that she feel a hard lump on her left breast during her shower yesterday. I was alarmed with what she told me. Wifey told me that she want to wait for another week to see whether the lump will go off. “No, we need to see a doctor tomorrow morning,” was my answer.

We woke up early the next morning, settling Kenji boy with his stuff and drove to Pantai Hospital. We was recommended to Dr. Sumithra by a friend. We head over to her clinic, and after some preliminary checking, wifey were asked to go for a breast ultrasound for confirmation of any possible tumors in her breast. However, Dr. Sumithra assured us that this could be due to galactoceles or milk filled cysts that is caused by blockage of milk duct as wifey is still breastfeeding back then.

After a few hours of waiting, wifey finally have her breast scanned, and the result shows negative for tumors. The lump is indeed galactoceles that formed a lump due to blockage of milk duct. We finally can gave out a sigh of relief. Wifey are required to observe the lump for another couple of days to check whether it will be gone.

“Darling, I love you”, I told her during our journey back home. “If you happened to see any lump again in the future, please tell me. I could not afford to lose you,” I told her while holding her hand tightly. ” I will, don’t worry darling,” she answered. I’m glad that wifey told me that the lump has gone after few days. It was a relief for both of us.

The whole incident is running across my mind again when wifey relates the death of her colleague due to breast cancer to me. I’m wondering if the disease is detected earlier, would she be still alive today? But still, God has his plan on everything. We will be going back to his embrace one fine day too. I again reminded wifey to do a BSE (Breast self examination) periodically as early detection saves life. Below is a website and article that I would like to share. They were bookmarked previously during our little incident mentioned above. They helped to strengthen my understanding and awareness of this notorious disease.

P/S: The name of wifey’s colleague has been altered to protect the privacy of her and her family.

6 thoughts on “Breast cancer awareness

  1. God works in mysterious ways…and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Let us pray that He will be kind to us and will bless us abundantly always. God bless your missus’ colleague’s soul and may she rest in peace.

  2. It is indeed very scary… I also went for a scan last month… couldnt sleep the whole night.. tossing here and there.. and then the relief.. but then must do self examination every now and then.. nowadays nothing is surprising anymore.. Yes, our lives are in God’s hands..He holds our future in His palm…

  3. Thank you for sharing and its a good reminder to all to check regularly. BYW, men must also check themselves because breast cancer is unfortunately not a woman’s disease.

  4. My brother-in-law lost his mother and a few sisters to breast cancer too, so I can relate to this article. It is very scary and depressing. Nothing is predictable, only death is. May this brave lady rest in peace.

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