Holiday Plans

“Do we want to go anywhere for the coming raya holidays?” I asked wifey when she stepped out of the bathroom. “Go somewhere lar, you decide”, she spontaneously respond. And there I am, scratching my head for  the whole of last week and this week, trying to plan out the holidays.

There are a few things that I wish to do, and since we have a long holidays, I’m gonna fully utilise them. The first thing that I’d like to achieve is to wean Kenji boy off his direct feeding. This is the most important item, as we have struggling to wean him off for months, and wifey is terribly lacking of sleep. He is starting to show some progress by not latching on mummy during his sleep, but he will still searching for his mummy’s breast in the middle of the night.

I haven’t been back to my hometown in Kampar for a long time, since chinese new year to be precise. Those who do not know about Kampar, it is a place that is famous for its curry chicken in bread and claypot chicken rice. I miss this old little town dearly. We will head home at least for one day to wallop whatever that we can get there.

A short getaway to anywhere – possibly malacca, cameron highlands or perhaps pulau pangkor? I miss a vacation, have been itching for it. Wifey too, she have been nagging me for a getaway. We are not going to stay home this holiday!

How about everyone? Do you have plans for this coming holidays too? No matter what is your plan or where is your destinations, remember to be careful on the road. For our Malay friends who balik kampung, I would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Cheers!

                                                   Picture courtesy of google search

5 thoughts on “Holiday Plans

  1. I’ll just stay at KL to avoid highway bad traffic. Will wander at city and prepare some activities for the kids. Oh yes for wean off Kenji boy, perhaps you should sleep with him instead of mommy. So when he wake up at wee2 hours he can’t find mommy 🙂

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