Of weaning and morning walk

We decided to delay our holiday plans last Raya holidays and stay at home to concentrate on weaning Kenji boy off. The first 2 nights was horrible, and we barely get enough sleep. He keeps waking up, refusing everything, only wanting his “toy”. We did not give in, and persevere on what we are doing. Towards the third day, he woke up one time – but we are prepared. Wifey pat his buttock and sing him a song, and he continue with his sleep. The same goes to the 4th day and so forth. Alas, we won the battle šŸ™‚

With him sleeping through the night and wifey getting back her beauty sleep, we can wake up earlier in the morning and make our way to the park. It has been a while since we are at the park in the morning as wifey are not getting enough sleep. We were there last weekend, to enjoy the beauty of mother nature and fresh air.

Kissing Kenji boy

This is Kenji first time wearing shoes too. He got his shoes from popo as his 1yo birthday present. He walked awkwardly when we wore him the new shoes, but it didn’t took him long to jump and walk around the park. The highlight of the trip is none other than feeding the fishes at the park’s pond.

Mummy teaching Kenji boy to throw bed crumbs

The fishes are enormous, especially the catfish. They must be having a good time with so many generous people bring breads for them. I saw a family bring a sack of bread crumbs to feed them.

The giants

It’s a well spent morning, and from now on, we will be heading back to this place every weekend. Anyone from Ipoh would like to join us?

10 thoughts on “Of weaning and morning walk

  1. I will be heading to Ipoh for half day tour this weekend, and head back to KL.. full tour may happen during the mid Sept later.. it’s nice to have some family time in the park, and I guess my girl will love to see fish and feed them too… I remembered my days when I am back in Ipoh with nothing to do, my uncles will bring us to feed fish.. LOL!

  2. Ahhhh!!!! We have a place like this in Sibu too. Come, come…can go and feed the fish here. LOL!!! Good boy, now papa and mama can have their much-needed sleep every night…

  3. Hi, first time visiting your blog. Feel so warm and sweet after going thru just the first few post.
    Congrates for winning the battle but there are definitely more ‘battle’ to come like..going diaperless, pacifier and etc at later stage but I’m sure all parents will enjoy the process.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Yup, there will be more of such “battle”, but instead of being scared off, we are actually enjoying every bits of it. It’s the perks of being a parents!

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