A Dim Sum affair at Chef Fatt restaurant

It has been some time since we last have dim sum as breakfast, possibly since the last couple of months. As my brother and his family are making a trip to Ipoh last weekend, we decided to indulge ourselves to this renowned food at Ipoh town. Talking about dim sum, we are basically spoiled for choices at Ipoh. Ipohans are blessed with a large array of dim sum restaurants scattered in every corner of the town. Of all the dim sum restaurant in Ipoh, my dad favors Chef Fatt restaurant at Cowan street, which is one of the most overlooked dim sum restaurant in Ipoh.

Dim sum at Chef Fatt restaurant

Any dim sum affair of mine always starts with a yummy “loh mai kai” (glutinous rice steamed with chicken and seasoned with mushrooms and preserved meats), while wifey will always enjoy her Hong Kong che cheong fun as a starter. Similar to other dim sum restaurants, Chef Fatt restaurant offers a huge variety of dim sums to satisfy our hungry stomachs. We ordered quite a number of dishes, and everyone is busy eating to their heart’s content. The meal came to Rm84 for the six of us. It was a pleasant morning to have my brother’s family around and most importantly kenji boy is enjoying himself too!

Kenji boy enjoying himself as much as we did

5 thoughts on “A Dim Sum affair at Chef Fatt restaurant

  1. oh what was kenji eating? lor mai kai? hahahha…he sure looks adorable. i love seeing his photos. ok when i go back to ipoh, i will definitely look for Chef Fatt’s dimsum as it’s been a while since we had dimsum in ipoh.

    1. Haha…he can’t take loh mai kai yet. He is eating the pau 🙂
      Chef fatt is a good choice if you want to avoid the crowd at Foh san, Ming court and yoke fook moon. But sometimes I love the crowd. Getting push around, and guarding the tables for the seat has been a dim sum culture. The food seems better with such sentiments 🙂

      1. Actually I don’t like the crowd. It’s so hard to wait for a table and then you have to keep calling the waiter/waitress to bring the dimsum over. I have never eaten at the new Foh San. The crowd is super scary 😛 So, we’ll end up eating noodles for breakfast. We usually go to coffeeshop near the Pasir Puteh market where my hubby used to stay 🙂

    1. Chef fatt is my dad’s choice. Few popular ones like Ming Court and Foh san is just located in the vicinity. My dad hated crowded restaurants, hence we tends to avoid the popular ones.

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