I love pears too!

Kenji boy started teething at the last week of his 5th month. Now, his top and bottom incisors has fully developed and he has 4 little teeth on the upper jaw and another 4 on the lower jaw. He loves foods with textures so that he can bite, chew, gnaw or nibble on them.

Last weekend, when I came out from the kitchen with my freshly peeled pear, Kenji boy crawled towards me and gave me his usual innocent look. Later he started to use his chubby finger to poke at my pear, begging me for his share. It was so cute, and papa have to give in and let him to have his bite on the pear.

Oh so nice!

He can’t really bite the pear. He only able to gnaw on it, while licking off the sweet juice from the pear. I let him to have the pear for a while until mummy said it’s time to clean up 🙂 I’m going to introduce more fruits to him soon!


14 thoughts on “I love pears too!

  1. yeah.. kenji boy can start more exploring on his solid journey… I normally cut the fruits into stripe and let my girl hold and suck the juices since she can’t chew yet.. but of course, the mess is horrible to handle..hehe..

  2. Teething time….means drooling time too! You can substitute pears with different fruits like oranges or papayas. I think it is a good way to introduce fruits to babies.

    1. oh yeah, He drools a lot. I have to tuck in handkerchief or sometimes a napkin on his shirt to prevent his saliva from wetting it. I do give him papayas, actually we are trying all sorts of fruits weekly to simulate his taste bud.

    1. Yea, my mum has warned me too. I do not want him to cough away after having that, but I can’t resist to give him a try 🙂

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