His milestones

Embracing Kenji in my arm for the first time is a moment that I never forget. I never will. Although Kenji is almost 10 month old now, I can remember his arrival clearly at the  back of my mind. I vow to protect him, giving him all the love, affection and care that I could. Wifey only awake an hour later after the arrival of Kenji (she was sedated during the cesarean surgery), looking frantically for her baby.
Wifey: Where is my baby? Is he doing fine?
Me: Kenji is safe and healthy. I love you darling, thanks for everything. I will not forget all the sacrifices you made today. I love you.
I said that while planting a kiss on her forehead. I always remind wifey that a kiss on her forehead means how special she is to me, and how thankful I am to have her as my life partner. The nurse bring in our boy to her. Holding him in her arm and caressing his tiny stands of hair, her already tired face give up a smile, a smile that means the world to me.
Kenji @ 1 hour after birth
Before even Kenji’s arrival, I have come to an agreement with wifey that we will fully breastfeed him, no matter how difficult the journey will be. We are determined to give our boy the BEST. I looked through the web, goggling daily on breastfeeding articles,  reading parenting forum as well as  for the best knowledge that I can come by. We also make it known to the nurses that we want to breastfeed him exclusively. The nurses are very accommodating and helpful, giving us guidelines after guidelines on successful breastfeeding.
Kenji @ 1 month old
Having Kenji around changes our life totally. He is our little alarm clock, who rang every 2 hour, crying for milk. Practically, we do not really rest for the first 2 week, attending to our little one. As our room is at the first floor, I’m running up and down the staircase fetching meals for wifey, disposing diapers, or bringing Kenji down to sleep so that my tired wifey can take a break. It was 2 full tiresome week, but wifey was determined. She wanted to give our baby the best thing in the world – her breastmilk.
Kenji @ 4 month old
I was a kiasu daddy. I read a lot on child development from blogs and other online souces, participating in parenting forum, and asking mummies around. I search the web for children lullaby, which I learnt up to sing for my boy, comforting him to sleep. Due to my “kiasu”ness, I earned a title of housewife daddy from my parents. Deep down my heart, I don’t really mind, as all I want is the best f0r my baby boy. The final part would be Kenji’s milestone. He will be my 10-month old baby in 10 days. Hooray!
Kenji@2month old – Giggle and smile, looking around the house, searching for papa and mummy
Kenji@3month old – Trying to turn around, giggle a lot when papa and mummy talk to him. Much more alert to surroundings.
Kenji@4month old – Able to turn around, and lie on his chest and tummy. Able to hold things for a while throwing them away. Shows an interest on bright colors as well. Loves playing peekaboo papa and mummy.
Kenji@5 month old – His arms and legs are stronger, trying to kick away with his hand grabbing forward (like swimming). Minor babbling started with high pitch laughing sound.
Kenji@6 month old – His stronger arm enable him to move forward. Yes, my boy is crawling. Able to sit  support.
Kenji@7 month old – His crawl start to get very fast, and papa have to chase after him. Able to sit without support.
Kenji@8 month old – He try to stand up occasionally, when he is able to grab hold on. Is an adventurer at this point, trying to crawl to everywhere he can reach, and papa have to chase after him. 
Kenji @ 8 month old
Kenji@9 month old – With stronger leg muscle, he stood up but need to hold on something (the pillars in his crib). Loves to jump while standing, especially when he is watching his favorite music. Understand the words that we always used on him such as bolster, banana, porridge, mummy, rattle, milk milk…
Kenji@10 month old – Babbling is becoming more prominent now. Always heard him “ba ba ba” or “mum mum mum”. I thought he is calling me, but it seems not as he “ba ba” when I’m not around too. Sad…He know how to wave goodbye when his mood is good too. 
A final pic of Kenji and his kiasu papa 🙂
In my prayer, I always wish Kenji continue to growing up healthy and joyful. May God protect our family from harm, continue to strengthen our family ties and bond us as one. 

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