Welcome to our humble little home

Welcome to our page. Thank you for taking your time to visit us. I’m Andrew and my wife is Ice. This blog will act as a family journal for us. One day, when we are old, we hope to look back at this journal and reminiscing the happy things we did together. Last year, we are blessed with a baby boy who we named him Kenji. He is now a 9 month old baby, babbling and crawling around, cherishing and warm our hearts. 
Our humble little family – Andrew, Ice and Baby Kenji
The first few post will be backdated to how we met, and bonded together as one. Not forgotten as well the day when Kenji come to our world, bringing us laughter and joy. Feel free to browse around. If you happened to need some help, do leave a comment for us.
With love and care from us,
Andew, Ice and Kenji

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