How I meet her, my lovely wifey

A box of KFC meal from her turns out to become a warm relationship we have today.
It all started with a box of KFC. I still remember I did not go out for lunch that day as I need to prepare qualification lot data for a new marketing engineer. She is providing me the wrong information, and caused me to work it out over lunch. I still remember how I insist her to buy me a lunch to compensate for what i have sacrifice for the day.
Andrew: Hey, why you give me the wrong information? Now, I have to do it all over again.
Ice: I’m sorry. I’m quite new and i don’t know. Can u help me to do it now?
Andrew: I haven’t take my lunch yet…how ar? I’m very hungry now. Dun care, u buy me a lunch!
Ice: Ok lar, but pls get this done for me Then, she went back to her office and bring me a box of KFC.
This is how our KFC story started….. One thing which do not appear on my mind at that time is this new marketing engineer turns out to be my lovely wife today (09 Sept 2009).

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