His meal time

Kenji boy has been self feeding since he was 18 months old. He first started by grabbing his spoon from us, and demand to feed the food into his mouth all by himself. At start, he do not even know how to use the spoon. We watched how he experiment with the spoon. Sometimes he … More His meal time

Jose and Deli

This is a belated post, but I still decided to blog about it as it was one of the best moments in life. It was my darling’s birthday where I wrote about it here. She propose to celebrate it at one of the new restaurants here in town. After putting Kenji boy for his afternoon … More Jose and Deli

His departure

Lately, a question keep coming into my mind. What would you do if someone tell you that you have less than 2 months to live? An uncle of mine was dumbfounded when his doctor broke the news to him. It was devastating, and heart wrenching, for him and the family members. It is just too … More His departure