Our journey to the island of wonders – Boracay Part 1

Those who know me, be it personally or Facebook friends, would know that I’ve been travelling to the Philippines frequently nowadays due to duty calls. That is also part of the reason why I do not blog nor blog hop lately, as time is no longer a luxury I can afford with for the time being. I hope things will settle down soon, and I can hop around the virtual world like I used to be.

Enough of that. I do try to take some time off from my schedule for a honeymoon with my beautiful wife, the woman who has been supporting my back and taking care of my family when I’m not at home. We are fortunate enough that Malaysian Airlines is throwing out promotions in June, and we manage to get a return ticket for her at RM600. That is quite a steal, isn’t it?

Andrew & Ice on the flight to Manila

The travelling time to Boracay island is a gruesome nightmare. The flight from KLIA to Manila is taking us 4 straight hours, and without proper rest, we need to transfer to Terminal 4 NAIA for domestic flight departure. For the interest of those who do not know, Manila Ninoy Aquino airport is divided into 4 terminals. And bear in mind that these terminals are not next to each other. It took us a 30 minutes “sardines can” shuttle ride from Terminal 1 to 4. The shuttle is full of people jostling around. Some even have to sit on the luggage bags. If you plan a trip to Boracay, do consider travel by Air Asia or Cebu Pacific as both economy airlines land at terminal 4, which would surely save you some transfer time.

The next one hour is another restless nightmare. We are literally stranded in Terminal 4 due to flight delay. We could not believe our second honeymoon started with such a long wait. The flight from Manila to Kalibo took us another 50 minutes. Upon landing in Kalibo airport, we’re greeted by our local travel agent who bring us to our van. The journey from Kalibo to Caticlan took us another 2 hours of bumpy and exhausting. Darling almost puke at the end of the ride. Lesson learnt – should take direct flight to Caticlan rather than to Kalibo.

We arrived at Boracay after a 15 minutes boat journey. Thanks goodness, but the rain started to pour in like cats and dogs when we arrived. Armed with only an umbrella, I’m totally drenched from the rain, and by the time we reached the hotel, I looked nothing more than a wet chicken. What a day!

Despite of our weariness, my plan starts kicking in when we checked into our rooms. Yes, I get the hotel to help me to put some decoration in our rooms to make it more romantic for our honeymoon.  And the most awesome thing is, we woke up next morning to this beautiful view of the white beach @ Boracay Island.

I will share more of our awesome trip in the next post. 🙂

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Kenji’s Birthday @ Aug 8

It has been a while since my last post. I was not procrastinating, but rather busy with my work now. Those who know me, I’ve been staying at Manila to keep an eye on my subcontractor factory here. This is a belated post for Kenji boy, but I’d still like to have this post in my blog as this blog is meant to document down all my boy’s progress.

Well, Kenji boy just celebrated his second birthday 3 weeks ago. Time flies. We thought we just celebrated his first birthday yesterday. Looking back, Kenji has grown a lot – taller and smarter in his own way. He knows how to converse with us, forming eloquence sentences in cantonese with his grandparents. His English vocabulary is improving as well, but still need practices.

We have been asking him what type of cake he would like for his birthday. He will gave a different answer every time we asked. Sometimes he will said car, and sometimes it would be balloon. Most of the time, it will be hovering between this two item. We decided to have “The Cars” themed cake for his birthday. My thoughts is he can still play with the toy cars after we have finish with the cake.

And on top of that, we went to Aeon the day before, and he got himself some balloons for his birthday. You can see how happy he is with his balloon. I bet he like the balloons more than the cake. I do not know why he is so obsessed with balloon. Every time we went to Aeon, he will keep asking for balloon. We had to go around to see which shops are giving away balloon to children, but luckily Aeon have free balloon to giveaway almost every weekend. That cheers my boy a lot!

This is also the first time he blew the candles. He could’t blew the candles when he was one year old, but now the candles are out in one blow. My little boy has really grown up. I wish him to be healthy, and continue to be cheeky, but not naughty. 🙂

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Potty training continues

My little boy was trained to pass motion when he was 1 year old. My wife tell him to say “ng ng” (pass motion) when he feel it is time to go. He is doing it very well, and was trained in practically a week. He has been an obedient boy when it came to potty training. Initially, he could not estimate when he need to let go, and more often than not, we are ended up with the mess as he already pass his motion by the time we got the potty.

As time goes by, he start to feel that the diaper he is wearing is a burden to him, especially when my wife is putting more layering of inserts into his diaper when he is sleeping. Pointing to his diaper, he would told darling, “Big big diaper”. During our last Penang trip, we got him a book on Dora’s potty adventure. This is a good book for children to learn about the need of control and the fun of potty training. The book came with a sound button, for children like Kenji to press on, when they want to hear the flushing water sound. Kenji was thrilled with that button, and will keep on requesting darling to let him “flush”.

This is more or less on how we started to talk to him about the importance of telling us when he want to urinate. On one fine day, he started to tell us that he wanted to “she she” (pee), but by the time we get him the diaper, he has urinated in his diapers. In potty training, patience is a virtue and also a key to success. We know that he is trying hard as well as he do not wish to wet the floor. I love it when he told me,” papa, wet wet” and “papa wipe” with his finger pointing on the wet floor.

We go through this for a couple of week, and it is done. My boy will tell us when he need to urinate now. Kenji boy has gone through another phase of his toddlerhood. In my humble opinion, potty training requires a lot of patience. Once, I saw a dad beating up his toddler for peeing in his pants. I really feel sorry for that boy. I bet he do not wish to wet his pants as well, but he just do not know how to express his feeling to his dad.  Sometimes, we really do not need to rush at all. Every child is growing up on their own pace. We, as parents, are there to guide and learn together with them. 🙂

This is what Kenji boy doing with his potty now!

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His meal time

Kenji boy has been self feeding since he was 18 months old. He first started by grabbing his spoon from us, and demand to feed the food into his mouth all by himself. At start, he do not even know how to use the spoon. We watched how he experiment with the spoon. Sometimes he hold it backwards and sometimes it was tilted to one side. The food will drop on the table most of the time, and he will clumsily pick it up with his hand and put them into his mouth.

And darling who is a clean freak will be the one who keep on telling him, ” No, please do not out the food on the table into your mouth”. It’s because he is doing this only at our own dining table, but also out of our home, where the tables are not being cleaned properly. We are lucky that he is a healthy boy, and seldom fall sick despite of such adventures. These were one of the beautiful memories engraved in my memories.

Four month down the road, now he has mastered the “holding the spoon” techniques. No longer we need the mop the oily floor that was stained with his foods, and no longer we need to watch him closely while he eat. All we did is chop the food into finer pieces, and that’s all, we can peacefully have our dinner.

He used to have his own bowl, a BPA free bowl for children, but the bowl has a shortcoming. As kenji always hold his bowl with one hand and a spoon with another, sometimes he lose the balance, and there you go, spilled food on the table. Couple of weeks back, Cynthia came to Ipoh to pass me the Kleenex tissue that I won from her blog. This is my first time meeting with her. 🙂

Kenji asked us to open the box once we reached home. He must be anticipating what is inside. We opened, and as expected we found a lot of tissues, with all sort of shapes and sizes. On top of that, we found an extra meal set that is comprises of a plate in the shape of a bear,fork and spoon. The good thing is the plate comes with a vacuum rubber that helps to hold the plate on the table during meal time. Now we have lesser worries of food spilling on the table. Thank you very much Cynthia. Kenji boy loves the set very much, and he is using it every day.

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Jose and Deli

This is a belated post, but I still decided to blog about it as it was one of the best moments in life. It was my darling’s birthday where I wrote about it here. She propose to celebrate it at one of the new restaurants here in town. After putting Kenji boy for his afternoon nap, we get my mum to look after him while we headed out to Jose and Deli for darling’s birthday celebration. It was located right inside French Hotel Ipoh. For those who do not know where is this French hotel, it is just located next to The Store supermarket (the old ocean store) at Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar

I thought that this is another branch of Burps and Giggles when I entered the restaurant. However, it was related to me that this restaurant is a spin off from the Josephine cafe.

We took some photos around the restaurant after placing our order. This place really has some really beautiful setting for photography.

Darling particularly loves this corner with an old bicycle. Do the place looks like Burps and Giggles Ipoh?

Manage to get the waitress to snap a photo of us as well.

I personally loves this corner where we can laze around after a heavy lunch.

I ordered a Loco Moco, which is actually a hamburger patty with fried rice. It came with an egg and salad as well. 

Darling choose a roasted chicken. I find that darling’s portion is better, while mine is only mediocre.  The chicken she got is roasted perfectly. I got to eat some of her portion because she always cannot finish her portion, and that makes my belly growing an inch thicker.

We walked around the hotel and snap some photos before we make our way home. Kenji boy just wake up when we reached. Just in time to attend our cute little baby 🙂

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His departure

Lately, a question keep coming into my mind. What would you do if someone tell you that you have less than 2 months to live? An uncle of mine was dumbfounded when his doctor broke the news to him. It was devastating, and heart wrenching, for him and the family members. It is just too hard to find the courage to face the cruel truth.

He was recommended by his doctor to stay at the hospital palliative care, where there are nurses and doctors, to help to reduce the pain when there are any emergency. Sometimes, social workers will be around to console the terminally ill patients there. The place seems to be good, but nothing beats the warmth of home where the closest family gathers. He choose to stay at home, and spend more time with his families when he could still breathe.

He passed on last week, 2 weeks after the news was broken to him. His departure bring an end to his suffering of this mortal world. I hope that he is at a better place now. When I was at Manila, my colleagues bring me to the American and Philippines memorial. I was impressed by the sea of cross on the green fields. The place was serene and peaceful. I hope my uncle is at such a place now.

To those who are still living, do remember to spend more time with the families. Do stop by  to smell the flowers and chase the butterflies when you have a chance. Work is important, so were family and friends. And last but not least, do more good deeds and spread them around as you might not know when you will need help someday. Cheers.

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Thai “selek” noodles

On my last trip in bangkok, I brought back some I had the “selek” noodles from Bangkok. This is a Thai noodles, that you can find no matter where you go, from the streets to restaurants. It was served  as one of the food item in my hotel buffet dinner as well. In every visit, I will asked my colleague to bring me to the streets to try out the noodles. The noodles cooked by a street hawker fares better than the ones from hotels despite the hot weather.

DSC012942I fall in love with the noodle on my first trip in Thailand, and I still love it until today. Even my wife love it when she come over for a visit couple of years back. She is the one who has been pestering me to bring back a bag of noodles for our family to try. Unfortunately, the noodles cannot be keep for long. My colleagues keep on reminding me that I need to finish the pack within 2 weeks. This is not a completely dried  noodles. If we look closely into the packing, one will observe moisture inside the bag.

thai selek noodles

My mum helped to brew a soup with some meat and anchovies. She added a lot of fish ball as well for both her grandsons who loves fish ball. They can forget about their main meals with fish ball alone.


We added some kangkung, beansprout and some Thai grounded chilis to season with the noodles. Overall, it is not bad, but not as appetizing as the ones I had at Bangkok. I guess I have to bring back a recipe on my next visit. Nevertheless, Kenji boy is still having a great time with the fish balls.


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