His meal time

Kenji boy has been self feeding since he was 18 months old. He first started by grabbing his spoon from us, and demand to feed the food into his mouth all by himself. At start, he do not even know how to use the spoon. We watched how he experiment with the spoon. Sometimes he hold it backwards and sometimes it was tilted to one side. The food will drop on the table most of the time, and he will clumsily pick it up with his hand and put them into his mouth.

And darling who is a clean freak will be the one who keep on telling him, ” No, please do not out the food on the table into your mouth”. It’s because he is doing this only at our own dining table, but also out of our home, where the tables are not being cleaned properly. We are lucky that he is a healthy boy, and seldom fall sick despite of such adventures. These were one of the beautiful memories engraved in my memories.

Four month down the road, now he has mastered the “holding the spoon” techniques. No longer we need the mop the oily floor that was stained with his foods, and no longer we need to watch him closely while he eat. All we did is chop the food into finer pieces, and that’s all, we can peacefully have our dinner.

He used to have his own bowl, a BPA free bowl for children, but the bowl has a shortcoming. As kenji always hold his bowl with one hand and a spoon with another, sometimes he lose the balance, and there you go, spilled food on the table. Couple of weeks back, Cynthia came to Ipoh to pass me the Kleenex tissue that I won from her blog. This is my first time meeting with her. 🙂

Kenji asked us to open the box once we reached home. He must be anticipating what is inside. We opened, and as expected we found a lot of tissues, with all sort of shapes and sizes. On top of that, we found an extra meal set that is comprises of a plate in the shape of a bear,fork and spoon. The good thing is the plate comes with a vacuum rubber that helps to hold the plate on the table during meal time. Now we have lesser worries of food spilling on the table. Thank you very much Cynthia. Kenji boy loves the set very much, and he is using it every day.

10 thoughts on “His meal time

  1. Well done, Kenji boy. He can self-feed at such a young age. Talking about spilled food, Chloe just did that recently…the whole bowl of rice dropped on the floor and I made her pick up everything and eat >.< and I even blogged about that too haha.

  2. Kids have a much higher immune system than adults! 🙂

    I learned this when my niece passed around a really bad case of the flu which she herself didn’t get (neither did my nephew).

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