Jose and Deli

This is a belated post, but I still decided to blog about it as it was one of the best moments in life. It was my darling’s birthday where I wrote about it here. She propose to celebrate it at one of the new restaurants here in town. After putting Kenji boy for his afternoon nap, we get my mum to look after him while we headed out to Jose and Deli for darling’s birthday celebration. It was located right inside French Hotel Ipoh. For those who do not know where is this French hotel, it is just located next to The Store supermarket (the old ocean store) at Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar

I thought that this is another branch of Burps and Giggles when I entered the restaurant. However, it was related to me that this restaurant is a spin off from the Josephine cafe.

We took some photos around the restaurant after placing our order. This place really has some really beautiful setting for photography.

Darling particularly loves this corner with an old bicycle. Do the place looks like Burps and Giggles Ipoh?

Manage to get the waitress to snap a photo of us as well.

I personally loves this corner where we can laze around after a heavy lunch.

I ordered a Loco Moco, which is actually a hamburger patty with fried rice. It came with an egg and salad as well. 

Darling choose a roasted chicken. I find that darling’s portion is better, while mine is only mediocre.  The chicken she got is roasted perfectly. I got to eat some of her portion because she always cannot finish her portion, and that makes my belly growing an inch thicker.

We walked around the hotel and snap some photos before we make our way home. Kenji boy just wake up when we reached. Just in time to attend our cute little baby 🙂

7 thoughts on “Jose and Deli

  1. Initially I thought it’s a branch of Burps and Giggles too …hehehe. So many funky restaurants in ipoh now. A nice celebration with Ice 🙂

  2. Looks like a classy place and your missus so pretty, all dressed up… Why you wore shorts and t-shirt kah? Dating time also like that? By the way, you look really slim…very different now.

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