His departure

Lately, a question keep coming into my mind. What would you do if someone tell you that you have less than 2 months to live? An uncle of mine was dumbfounded when his doctor broke the news to him. It was devastating, and heart wrenching, for him and the family members. It is just too hard to find the courage to face the cruel truth.

He was recommended by his doctor to stay at the hospital palliative care, where there are nurses and doctors, to help to reduce the pain when there are any emergency. Sometimes, social workers will be around to console the terminally ill patients there. The place seems to be good, but nothing beats the warmth of home where the closest family gathers. He choose to stay at home, and spend more time with his families when he could still breathe.

He passed on last week, 2 weeks after the news was broken to him. His departure bring an end to his suffering of this mortal world. I hope that he is at a better place now. When I was at Manila, my colleagues bring me to the American and Philippines memorial. I was impressed by the sea of cross on the green fields. The place was serene and peaceful. I hope my uncle is at such a place now.

To those who are still living, do remember to spend more time with the families. Do stop by  to smell the flowers and chase the butterflies when you have a chance. Work is important, so were family and friends. And last but not least, do more good deeds and spread them around as you might not know when you will need help someday. Cheers.

5 thoughts on “His departure

  1. That’s why we must live life to the fullest, be happy as much as we can…while we still can and don’t sweat the small stuff – not worth wasting our precious time on that…for we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. God bless your uncle’s soul, may he rest in peace.

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