Thai “selek” noodles

On my last trip in bangkok, I brought back some I had the “selek” noodles from Bangkok. This is a Thai noodles, that you can find no matter where you go, from the streets to restaurants. It was served  as one of the food item in my hotel buffet dinner as well. In every visit, I will asked my colleague to bring me to the streets to try out the noodles. The noodles cooked by a street hawker fares better than the ones from hotels despite the hot weather.

DSC012942I fall in love with the noodle on my first trip in Thailand, and I still love it until today. Even my wife love it when she come over for a visit couple of years back. She is the one who has been pestering me to bring back a bag of noodles for our family to try. Unfortunately, the noodles cannot be keep for long. My colleagues keep on reminding me that I need to finish the pack within 2 weeks. This is not a completely dried  noodles. If we look closely into the packing, one will observe moisture inside the bag.

thai selek noodles

My mum helped to brew a soup with some meat and anchovies. She added a lot of fish ball as well for both her grandsons who loves fish ball. They can forget about their main meals with fish ball alone.


We added some kangkung, beansprout and some Thai grounded chilis to season with the noodles. Overall, it is not bad, but not as appetizing as the ones I had at Bangkok. I guess I have to bring back a recipe on my next visit. Nevertheless, Kenji boy is still having a great time with the fish balls.


12 thoughts on “Thai “selek” noodles

  1. I had this on my last night in Bangkok too! I chose this noodle to go with a pork noodle dish (they also had oil noodles and the instant noodles that’s everywhere in Bangkok).

    I love this noodles! 🙂

  2. This is how the packaging looks like…Love this noodles too. I don’t think we can get it here.

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