He loves water…

I can still remember how he whimper and cry when we refused to give him a bath due to the rainy weather. We used to bathe him twice a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening. We initially thought that he might be used to the daily routine and refused to change, but when he grow up, he seems to enjoy bathing and playing with water.There are times when he is so obsessed with his toy duck and turtle in the bathroom, that he do not even want to come out. That is my Kenji boy.

2012-01-02 09.43.57

Since he loves water, it would be wonderful if we can spend our weekend in a pool. In Ipoh, we only have a public swimming pool, where I used to have my weekly swim. I would love to bring him there in the weekend but feedback from relatives and families on the highly chlorinated and cold water temperature is making me to think twice. And, I do not have any friends nor family who lives in an apartment or condominium in Ipoh that have a swimming pool.


When we were at Penang last month, I rented a room at Putra place, a condominium near Queensbay mall. We went back to the condominium after the Botanical garden trip for a rest and Kenji boy’s daily nap. As evening approaches, we changed into our swim wear and heads directly to the pool. We checked ourselves in the kiddo pool, where the water is shallow enough for a toddler like Kenji boy.


Being first time in a pool, Kenji boy was timid at first, and only paddle through the water with some guide from his daddy. The ice is broke when his cousin brother came to join him. Together they played and splashed like no tomorrow. I carried him and helped him to glide across the surface of water, and he is telling me that he is enjoying it with his laughter. we spent a solid hour at the pool, before my parents called us for dinner.

I hope we will have time again to enjoy ourselves in a pool next time. Hopefully I can find a good swimming pool at Ipoh, and have another fun filled weekend in the near future!

8 thoughts on “He loves water…

  1. I think most kids, if not all, simply love playing with water and will never have enough fun (and time) in the pool 🙂 We miss swimming too but all our swimming costumes and toys have gone into storage because we do not have access to any swimming pools here plus the weather is still too cold for this..

  2. Kids, all the same. When my girl was growing up, we had to stay in hotels with swimming pools everytime we travelled…and she wanted to stay in the hotel all day…and go swimming!!! Even when she was shivering with cold, she would not get out of the water.

  3. That’s what we do every weekend too. We go to our Condo and swim there but at our condo, we are not allowed to wear t-shirts into the pool. We must be in proper swimming attire.

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