Happy Birthday Darling

I can vividly remember how you blew the candles in front of me. You just turned 23 that day. Under the yellow incandescent lighting, you gave me the sweetest smile that I’d never forget for the rest of my life. Gazing into your eyes, I know that you are the one that I’ve been waiting for. You were in a blue dress that night. I remember you telling me how much you like wearing dress at work. You looked more beautiful that way. We have just started our relationship at that time and we are still learning about each other, but very soon we became like honey and bee.

That was 6 years ago, and today came that special day again. But this year, I will not be around celebrating with you. I really hope that I can drive back to Ipoh for a day to celebrate this special day with you, giving you a surprise that you used to like. I hope that I can do better in becoming a better husband, a better soul mate for you and be with you in every special moments like this.

I know that you’ve been throwing hints to me that your birthday is coming around the corner. I know that. I always remember your birthday no matter how far Iย traveled.ย  I always pretend to forget, but deep inside my heart, I remember. I hope you like the sweet Naraya bag that I bring back for you.

I’m sorry for unable to be there with you on this special day, but I will be coming home this weekend as usual, bringing you and Kenji the joy and laughter. I will choose a nice restaurant so that we can spend someย time together. I can’t guarantee the same moment we had 6 years back because we are now blessed with Kenji boy, the child who brought us warmth and happiness. I hope Kenji will sit down quietly this weekend, and let daddy and mummy talk about some good old times.

Happy Birthday, darling. I will always love you. I always do. As promised too, you can have a one day shopping on my credit card. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Birthday darling by Conway Twitty

Hello darlin’ happy birthday
I’ve decided not to give you a present this year
In fact I think it’s about time I took some things away
I’d like to take away this suspicion that I know clouds your world at times
By giving you some faith to hold on to honey whenever your hand is not in mine

Happy birthday darlin’ I’ve no presents no fancy cake
But I hope I’ll make you happy with everything I take

I’d like to take away some of your lonely moments by spendin’ more of mine with you
And I’d like to take away some of those so-so kisses
And replace them with ones that really say I love you
And I wanna take away the doubt you sometimes have about my love
By showin’ more much more that I’ve shown lately
And then if someone said asked you what I’ve got you for your birthday
Well you can say why he didn’t give me anything but he sure took a lotta things away
Happy birthday darlin’…
Happy birthday darlin’…
Happy birthday darlin’

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Darling

  1. Wow, wow, wow! A day of shopping with your credit card. Woot! This is great news for women. Heheheheh! Happy Birthday to your darling Wifey. Have fun this weekend.

  2. I shared the same birthday as your wife and guess what? My husband too, was away for work most of the day. I gave him some hints but he pretended not to know anything until he got home late at night with a surprise for me….guess most husbands are like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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