Teaching him to appreciate

Ever since he is young, it is our common sense to give him whatever he wanted, be it toys or foods. Lately, he would whine and cry when we refused to give in to him. I want my child to be happy but I want him to learn to appreciate and love everything we gave. There are some questions that I seriously ponder lately.

” Am I giving in to him too much?”

“Should I stop accommodating him and make him abide my orders?”

Last weekend, he asked me to help him to pick up his ball that he  had thrown from the dining table. I frowned at him, telling him that he shouldn’t throw anything. He pleaded again, and mummy told him,” Say please papa”

“Please papa”, he said cheekily.

I was overwhelmed, and quickly pick up the ball for him. “Say thank you papa”, my wife continued.

“Thank you”, he giggled to which I responded with a “welcome”.

This is how we started. We continue to practice “please”, “thank you” and “welcome” for the weekend. Sometimes, I myself forgot to mention a simple “please” when I asked him to pick up his toys. It was my wife who constantly reminds me of my manners. Seems like this will be a long journey for us to practice  our manners.

Big bad wolf has came to Penang. I’m going to hunt it down to see whether there are any children books that assist in manners teaching.

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10 thoughts on “Teaching him to appreciate

  1. I have been saying please and thank you to Jaydon for several months. Now he is starting to say them when he wants something and after receiving what he wanted. At 2-years-old I think now is the prefect time to teach good manners. Right now is when they tend to mimic everything we say and do.

  2. It’s important to use those ‘magic’ words. Let them know that without those magic words, things wont get done. After some time, it will be a good habit instilled in them and they’ll use those words naturally. You are a good father model.

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