The two brothers

It was a happy weekend coz my brother’s family is coming over for a visit. The happiest of all would be Kenji boy because he get to see his cousin brother, Zhi Heng. They have been best friends since Kenji boy came to the world. Their relationship is just like bees and honey, heavily attracted to each other. There is one time in a dinner, Kenji’s maternal grandpa carried Kenji away from the restaurant to get some fresh air out of the restaurant. Zhi Heng who has never seen Kenji’s grandpa shouted loudly and told us that someone is carrying his brother away and asked us to rescue him immediately.

Such is the love of Zhi Heng to his little brother. Back to their visit, the 2 boys have been enjoying themselves very much that when the day is ended, Kenji boy gave out a very sad  face when he saw his brother leaving. I have never seen that look in his face before, and I was deeply saddened with it. Only true and pure can describes their brotherly love.

I hope their love to each other will continue to grow and last forever 🙂

Kenji and zhi Heng (2)


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8 Responses to The two brothers

  1. Hayley says:

    Awww the photo is so sweet!!
    I think they’ll be good friends forever!

  2. aww… so sweet…. brother’s love…

  3. yan says:

    Good to let them play and bond together like this forever. Seldom there are cousins so close to each other nowadays.

  4. suituapui says:

    Kids enjoy company… I guess as the only child, it gets a bit lonely sometimes.

  5. Ooh, they both look very cute!! Hope they will be good friends forever! : )

  6. Poh Huai Bin says:

    Nice! I love to play with my cousins growing up, I think it’s awesome to have same (or similar) age group friends who’re also family. 🙂

  7. Yee Ling says:

    I had been missing the golden days with my cousins. Each time I go to their house, mom will struggle to pull me into the car.ahahaha

  8. Barbara Ng says:

    awww….how sweeet!

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