Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience

Me: Kenji, come here. Papa help to change your clothes and diaper before we go out.
Kenji:*running around the house and asking me to chase after him*
Me: Hold on and lie down! Wear your pant first! 
Kenji: *running naked around the house*

Does the above situation sounds familiar to you? It is a daily scenario that we are experiencing. It is so hard to lay him down for a diaper change nowadays. Every time we lay him down and took off his soiled diaper, he would turn around instantly, and crawl away. Kenji boy today is only 2 day shy of his 19 month old birthday and has been a very active boy. He is active to the extend that he prefer running than walking. We took his active behavior as a blessing because we love him running to us, greeting us and cheering us up with his wittiness.

As he no longer love laying down for a diaper change anymore, we have been looking around for a diaper pant that allow us to perform diaper change in a standing position. We are glad that we found Huggies dry pants. We received the below package from Huggies earlier this week.

Being a very curious boy, he came and helped us to open the package. We received 3 packet of Huggies dry pant samples. The samples comes with 3 sizes (M, L and XL). I opened the L size pack…

…and let Kenji boy try the pants before we head to Tesco for our weekly shopping. The putting on is an ease. We no longer need to lay him down for a change. All we need to do is guide him to lift up his leg, and pull up the pants. Below is some simple instructions on how we guide our Kenji boy.  It is really just that simple. Now, we have a happy boy and mummy.

While mummy went out of the room to get him his clothes, Kenji boy decided to lie down for a while. He is such a sweet and adorable baby!

After everything is set, we went to Tesco for some grocery shopping. Kenji boy is a heavy wetter. We always have to bring some extra diapers and pants with us just in case the diaper he is wearing leaks. We have experience this situation for quite a number of times. We was there for around 3 hours, and when we checked the diaper. He is still dry inside 🙂

We also checked whether he developed any rashes. We are extremely particular on this as he inherited his mummy’s sensitive skin and tends to develop rashes during prolong usage of diapers or exposure to certain baby products. We are glad that he is doing good with Huggies dry pants and do not develop any rashes with the pants.

Hence, when we passed by the diaper department, we decided to get him a pack of the Huggies dry pants.

Taking off the diaper is a breeze as well. Just tear off the sides for a change only. It is so easy and convenient right? Just tear it off and change for a new one, and Kenji boy is good to run around again.

Huggies Dry Pants is an easy-to-use option for active infants and toddlers – just try it and you’ll see how easy changing can be when all you need to do is just pull them up, tear and go! (“Koyak, Salin & Lepas”)

With its soft stretch sides to provide better comfort and help prevent red marks even when your baby is on the move and a quick lock system to help stop leaks, Huggies is Malaysia’s first brand of disposable diapers which is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash!

Did you went to the roadshow happening from 25 February 2013 to 3 March 2013 at Mydin USJ? If you miss the roadshow, but would like to try the Huggies Dry pants, fret not. You can request for a Huggies Dry Pants sample at

About Huggies®

Huggies® is one of Malaysia’s leading baby & child care brands. It provides moms and babies with a complete range of disposable diaper and diaper pants to helps keep skin healthy and babies happy. For more information, visit or


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